PSFA Diversity and Inclusion Statement

(Download the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts Diversity Plan)

The SDSU College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts (PSFA) is committed to promoting and sustaining diversity and inclusion among its students, faculty, and staff at all levels of engagement: student life and learning, college and school climate, and research and creative activities. Our college recognizes that diversity and inclusion is a process that requires continual self-reflection on our values and vision. We understand that diversity requires a focus on equity and inclusion as we are committed to ensuring the equitable opportunities for education, creative expression, teaching, service, and professional advancement for all.

We recognize that nurturing a climate of diversity and inclusion has pedagogical benefits vital to any university committed to providing students and faculty with an educational environment that values shared responsibility. Diversity, as envisioned in this statement, offers students a variety of perspectives and experiences that foster critical thinking and global awareness. Beyond acknowledging, we strive to take the necessary steps to create spaces which allow diversity and difference to flourish and be maintained. Such an environment also enriches collaborations among faculty and leads to more creative and inclusive problem solving and artistic expression.

PSFA’s disciplinary diversity fosters innovative approaches to teaching and research within and across colleges. PSFA’s fine arts schools offer arts-based inquiries into social justice issues, and its professional studies schools provide equally rigorous and creative research of a myriad of related issues. Together, the college and its schools benefit in several distinct ways. The collaboration between schools provides new insight into social problems and offers alternative ways to report that research, whether it is a film, live performance, speech, or piece of writing. PSFA’s disciplinary diversity enhances faculty and student interaction in the teaching classroom and beyond.

To ensure an environment that is welcoming, supportive, and inclusive, we plan to:

  1.  Build a sense of shared responsibility for creating and maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion among individuals and groups within the college;
  2.  Develop a framework to create and maintain a safe environment free from all forms of harassment;
  3.  Incentivize the schools of the college to prioritize diversity in its efforts to recruit and retain students, faculty and staff.
  4.  Establish protocols that ensure inclusive governance and decision-making within the college. The College is committed to being a leader on the SDSU campus in sustaining a climate that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion.
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