Centers and Institutes

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Student Center for Professional Development

Providing undergraduate hospitality students and alumni access to a wide range of professional development services.
Director: Christina Jeffries
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Center for Hospitality and Tourism Research

Enhancing the skills and knowledge of professionals and students in the field of hospitality and tourism management through the creation and delivery of initiatives in executive development, research, and curriculum innovation.
Director: Carl Winston
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Center for Surf Research

The Center for Surf Research is the first of its kind in the world; it responds to the challenges of a rapidly expanding surfing industry and the broadening horizons of surf tourism and its impact on peoples, environments, and economies along the coastlines of more than 100 countries.
Director: Jess Ponting
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Sycuan Institute on Government Gaming

Focusing on research, policy studies, and education related to the area of tribal gaming management.
Director: Kate Spilde
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Institute for Innovative Governance

the Institute for Innovative Governance (Institute) develops applied research solutions for public policy and governance challenges that focus on innovative and entrepreneurial strategies. A collaborative effort with SDSU faculty and local government and nonprofit administrators in San Diego County to identify policy and governance problems that could be addressed with innovative practices.
Director: Patricia Frosio
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Institute of Meetings and Events

Developing mentoring and professional relationships between industry professionals and SDSU students

Production Center for Documentary and Drama

Mentoring graduate students in the creation of projects that promote artistic and technical growth, and working with global film schools, film institutes, and filmmakers in the production of the long-running, international TV series, “The Short List.”
Director: Tim Powell
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Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film

The nation’s first program dedicated solely to the study and discussion of women’s representation on screen and behind the scenes in television and film.
Director: Martha Lauzen
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The Investigative Newsource

Producing investigative, data-driven journalism and developing the next generation of investigative reporters.
Director: Lorie Hearn

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Institute for Leisure and Tourism Management

Primarily concerned with conducting leisure-related research, promoting professional development, disseminating specialized publications, and organizing conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops.
Director: Larry Beck
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Center for Science and Media

The Center for Science and Media is a collaboration of the School of Journalism and Media Studies with the College of Sciences in the areas of research, public service, and curriculum.
Director: Associate Professor Amy Schmitz Weiss
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Center for Learning, Instruction and the Performance Technologies

The center’s faculty and staff conduct research on the design and use of technology-based systems for enhancing human learning and performance, monitor trends in advanced applications of educational technology and allied disciplines, and evaluate the effectiveness and usability of educational products and services.
Director: Marcie Bober-Michel
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Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Volunteer and Mentorship Center

An endowed center, it connects hospitality and tourism management students to numerous volunteer and mentoring opportunities throughout San Diego.

Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations

Housed in the School of Journalism and Media Studies, the Center focuses on professional development for public relations students, practitioners, and faculty. The Center has a number of projects that help make these groups their best versions of themselves as professionals.
Director: Dr. Kaye Sweetser, APR+M, Fellow PRSA
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Center for Communication, Health and the Public Good

An innovative hub for investigating critical relationships between communication and health that shape the human social condition in contemporary society, the center is transdisciplinary and promote local, regional, national, and global connections.
Director: Wayne Beach
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Center for the Study of Media and Performance

The Center for the Study of Media and Performance (CSMP) is an interdisciplinary forum for critical inquiry into the many expressions of live art and screen culture. The Center invites faculty from across SDSU to join us for lectures, meetings, symposia, performances, screenings, and other presentations that explore the discourses linked by the keywords “media” and “performance.” The Center aims to engage leading thinkers in these and related fields in a national dialogue.
Director: Danielle Bedau
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Institute for the Arts, Humanities and Social Justice

The Institute for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Justice (IAHSJ) is an interdisciplinary hub for research, creative projects, and community engagement at the intersection of the arts, the humanities, and social justice. The IAHSJ seeks to interrupt systemic racism in access to the arts and education through cultivating dialogue and partnership among faculty, students, and community members. This Institute is a collaboration of the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts and the College of Arts and Letters.
Director: Annie Buckley
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Institute for Dialogue and Social Justice

The Institute for Dialogue and Social Justice deploys the interdisciplinary scholarship and activism of SDSU faculty, students, and community members to enhance productive dialogue about pressing social issues of SDSU and the wider San Diego region. Broadly, The Institute seeks to develop a culture defined by redressing direct and indirect forms of social and economic injustice and promoting alternative vocabularies, practices, and policies that enhance the potential for all people to live healthy, safe, full, viable, and meaningful lives.
Director: Tiffany Dykstra-DeVette

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