A gift to an endowment fund is a gift to SDSU’s future. Endowment funds are an ongoing source of sustained, long-term funding for student success in perpetuity that represent a stable source of income. Each gift to PSFA’s endowment continues to provide support for dedicated and hard-working San Diego State students.

The generosity of alumni, parents, community partners, and friends are essential to the University’s ability to provide extraordinary educational experiences. Below is a list of endowed funds in the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts that have been established with a commitment or planned gift of $50,000 or more. Thank you for your support!
  • Blessing Combat Leadership Panel Endowment

  • Arline M. Fisch MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing Endowed Scholarship
  • Art Council Endowed Scholarship
  • Art Council Endowment
  • Creative Weavers Guild Endowment
  • Darryl Groover Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Dean's Art Endowment
  • Ellamarie Woolly Endowment
  • Everett G. Jackson Memorial Endowment
  • F. Ellsworth Endowed Scholarship
  • Frank Richard Brazda Endowed Scholarship
  • Isabel Kraft Endowment
  • John J. Rogers Endowed Scholarship in Sculpture
  • Patti O. Fox Endowed Scholarship for Art Students
  • Paul Lingren Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert D. Wallace History of Art Endowed Scholarship
  • Ruocco Lecture and Colloquia Endowment
  • Scott Guhin Endowed Scholarship
  • Wendy Maruyama Endowment for the Furniture Design and Woodworking Program
  • Windgate Charitable Foundation Graduate Scholarship
  • Anthony and John Long Endowment
  • Ben and Nikki Clay Endowed Scholarship
  • Carole Robasciotti Endowed Scholarship
  • Dean's Endowment
  • Dr. Sanford I. Berman Institute for Effective Communication & General Semantics Foundation Endowment
  • Irvin and Ruth Belenzon Endowed Scholarship
  • Johanna Fox Endowment
  • Joyce M. Gattas Scholarship for Internships and International Experiences
  • M. Lorin Kemp Memorial Endowment
  • Mack Owen Endowed Scholarship
  • Paul J. Strand Endowed Scholarship
  • Prebys Creative & Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship
  • Special Internships in the Arts Endowed Scholarship
  • Van Deerlin Endowed Chair
  • Visual Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship
  • Bartell Family Visiting Lectureship Endowment
  • Brinker Executive in Residence Endowment
  • Brown Family Hotel Executive-in-Residence Program Endowment
  • California Restaurant Association Endowed Fund
  • Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Distinguished Lectureship in HTM Endowment
  • Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Volunteer and Mentor Endowment
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management Internship Bureau Endowment
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management Endowment
  • Joanne Graham Mera Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Kathy Drucquer Duff Experiential Endowment
  • Lall Family Endowment
  • Patti Roscoe Hospitality and Tourism Management Endowed Internship Scholarship
  • Reint Reinders Endowment
  • Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Endowment
  • San Diego Marriott Business Council Scholarship Endowment
  • Sycuan Institute on Tribal Gaming Endowment
  • US Bank Endowed Scholarship
  • Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Student Center for Professional Development Endowment
  • William Sample & Fern Sample Stanford Memorial Endowment
  • Hilda and Colonel Robert L. Dodge Endowed Scholarship for Air Force ROTC

  • Ann Marie Haney Endowment for Music
  • Bessie S. Purdy Endowment
  • Blu Cava Endowed Scholarship
  • CCMS Diana Nadel Endowment
  • Christine Springston Endowment
  • Dale and Betty Worm Endowment
  • DeAnn Cary School of Music and Dance Endowed Scholarship
  • Deanna's Dream 431 Endowed Scholarship for Music and Dance
  • Dr. Ed Reed Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Jaroslav J. S. Mracek Memorial Award Endowment
  • Ed Davis From Cancer to College Endowed Scholarship
  • Edith Savage Endowment
  • Edith Vogl Garrett Endowed Scholarship
  • Elsie Hiland Fox Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Eugene and Barbara Bowman Endowed Scholarship
  • Frank McCarty Endowed Scholarship in Music Composition
  • Giavanna Kersulis Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Helen Pratt Kurz Endowment
  • Jack Gard Music Education Endowed Scholarship
  • Jan Lowenbach Endowed Scholarship
  • Joseph W. Johnson Endowed Scholarship
  • Keith Baim Excellence in Guitar Composition Endowment
  • Lieber/Flower Endowment
  • Lipin Family Endowed Fund for Excellence in Music
  • M.H. Golden Endowed Scholarship
  • Paul Clarke Stauffer Endowment
  • Pitt and Virginia Warner Endowment for Jazz Studies
  • SDSU San Diego Symphony Music Education Endowed Scholarship
  • Srinivasan Praba Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Willis, Cusack, Robertson, Brown Endowed Scholarship for Dance and Music


  • Betsy McCullough and James Hare Endowed Scholarship
  • Bob Wilson Public Affairs Endowment
  • Debra A. Greenfield Endowed Scholarship for Public Affairs
  • Debra A. Greenfield School of Public Affairs Endowed Internship Scholarship
  • Donald B. Leiffer Endowment
  • Dr. Jack McGrory School of Public Affairs Excellence Endowment
  • Frank Mannen Scholarship Endowment
  • Gregory J. Smith Master of Public Administration Endowed Scholarship
  • Institute of Innovative Governance Endowment
  • John Fowler Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • John J. Cleary Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad in Public Affairs
  • Ken Perry Endowed Scholarship
  • Marco G. Walshok Graduate Endowed Scholarship in Public Affairs
  • The Kilkenny Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Ages of Drama - Live! Endowment
  • Allison Rossett Endowed Scholarship in Musical Theatre
  • Bellinghiere Endowed Scholarship
  • Bolles Family Musical Theater Endowed Scholarship
  • Brita C. Davis and Richard R. Davis Musical Theatre Endowed Scholarship
  • Carol Vassiliadis Endowed Scholarship in Musical Theatre
  • Chad Shelton Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Theatre Design and Technology
  • Chuck and Robin Luby Endowment for Musical Theatre
  • Clarence and Catherine Stephenson Musical Theatre Endowed Scholarship
  • Clayton Brace Awards Endowment
  • Darlene and Donald Shiley Endowment for Student Excellence in Musical Theatre
  • Deborah M. Dexter Endowed Scholarship in Musical Theatre
  • Denis Sanders Memorial Endowment
  • Denise Madruga Endowed Scholarship in Theatre
  • Don Powell Interface Program Endowment
  • Drama Circle Endowment
  • Gordon J. Lusk Endowment
  • Hayes Anderson Student Excellence Endowment
  • Henry Edward McAdams and Gail Johnson McAdams Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Henry Stanton Endowment
  • Hunton D. Sellman Endowment
  • Irvin and Ruth Belenzon Endowed Scholarship
  • James Chris Nichols Memorial Endowment
  • Judith and Jack White Musical Theatre Endowed Scholarship
  • Julia R. Brown Musical Theatre Endowed Scholarship
  • Maggi McKerrow Endowed Scholarship for Theatre
  • Maggi McKerrow Endowed Scholarship for Study Abroad
  • Mangan/Christensen Endowed Scholarship for Musical Theatre
  • Marion Ross Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary Ellen Trainor Zemeckis Student Enrichment Program in Theatre, Television, Film, and Journalism Endowment
  • Michele Schlecht MFA Musical Theatre Scholarship Endowment
  • MFA Musical Theatre Endowed Professorship
  • Musical Theatre Endowed Scholarship
  • Nella Feldman Gross Endowment
  • Paulette Wilson Endowment for Musical Theatre
  • Powell/SCE Design Endowed Chair
  • Robert Shields Memorial Endowment
  • Ron and Sue Heller Musical Theatre Endowed Scholarship
  • Roscoe-Tiffany MFA Musical Theatre Endowed Scholarship
  • Ruth Anna, Louis F. Endowed Scholarship
  • SDSU MFA Musical Theatre Alumni Scholarship Endowment
  • Sybil E. Jones Endowment
  • The McCabe Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Theatre Endowment

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