PSFA Motivation: Launch your Successful Semester Q+A (Joshua Adams)

Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams

As SDSU enters its third semester dictated by the pandemic, students’ struggle to stay motivated to learn is thematic. The College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts asked students from its schools for motivational ideas to launch a successful semester. Check out their insights throughout the month. Featured below is Joshua Adams (School of Military Science).

Q1: What gets you through the day?

“What gets me through the day is focusing on one task at a time, and then when I have completed that task whether it is to make my bed, or do my Philosophy homework, I then go to the next task and the next, and before I know it, I have completed all of my tasks for the day.”

Q2: If you had a motivational toolkit, what would be your favorite tool?

“If I had a motivational toolkit, my favorite tool would be close friends and family members. I try to call some of my close family members once a day, and I frequently message some of my close friends because since I am not able to be in class and talk face to face with others, this is a great way for me to stay connected and motivated because these people push me to be better every single day.”

Q3: What are you grateful for?

“I am grateful for my family, my friends, being able to live in a beautiful place like San Diego and meet and interact with people from many diverse and unique backgrounds.”

Q4: What piece of advice is your go-to?

“My go-to piece of advice is to focus on one obstacle at a time because if you think about all the obstacles you need to get over by the end of the semester, it can seem overwhelming, but if you keep your world small and reward yourself for accomplishing single tasks, you will eventually reach your goal.”

Q5: How do you stay mentally healthy?

“I stay mentally healthy by calling my parents, brother and close friends on a daily/weekly basis. I also workout regularly whether that is going for runs, lifting the small set of weights I brought to college or doing body weight exercises like pushups and squats. I attend my online Church, Saddleback Church, on Sundays, and I also make sure to spend at least an hour a day either reading or just taking time to relax and rest from the day’s events.”

Q6: How do you stay resilient?

“I stay resilient by focusing on the here and now and knowing that eventually one day this pandemic will be over. Also, I always remember that famous Lord of the Rings quote which explains that we cannot decide what time period we were born into, or some of the external circumstances surrounding us, but “all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” (Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring). In other words, even though living during this pandemic is difficult, we can still decide to make the best of it and hopefully impact this world and those around us in a positive way.”

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.