Outstanding Student: Shawki Moore, School of Communication

Shawki Moore has been selected as the Outstanding Graduate for the School of Communication

May 5, 2023
Shawki Moore

Shawki Moore has left a legacy at SDSU with nearly a dozen extracurricular involvements, including his most important, President of Associated Students. 

Moore has been involved in Associated Students since his first year on campus, and he recognizes how that opportunity has shaped him. “Through my time in this organization, I have learned my leadership style and how to inspire people. Being a liaison between administration and students has been very rewarding because it allows me to advocate for my peers and communicate collaboratively with others to better the student experience,” said Moore.

Moore speaks highly of his most influential faculty member, Dr. Kathleen Czech, “I wanted to take every class that I could with her because of her genuine spirit. She engages in really meaningful discussions with the class that are open and honest. It is a rarity to have a professor that is willing to engage in the way Dr. Czech does with her classes on a daily basis.”

In the future, Moore hopes to hold leadership positions in professional sports like the NFL or the NBA.