JMS Alumna Tina Sturdevant's Journey from the Mesa to The Athletic

Monday, December 18, 2023
Tina Sturdevant
JMS alumnus, Tina Sturdevant (‘09)

When it comes to JMS alumni, Tina Sturdevant (‘09) is an all-star. Since graduating, she has worked for the Oakland A’s, Bleacher Report and The Athletic. She credits her time on campus for setting her up for success.

While at SDSU, Sturdevant secured several internships, with her most impactful experience being her time working in the Sports Information Department for SDSU Athletics. Sturdevant recalled the importance of that experience.

“The work I did there was directly correlated to my getting a job with the Oakland A’s, which I was told verbatim by my manager.” 

Sturdevant urges students who are interested in sports to follow her path and get involved with as many on-campus opportunities as possible. 

“Take advantage of what’s at home. You're already there on campus. Go out and write for the Daily Aztec or intern for athletics.” 

Currently serving as the director of talent diversity and inclusion at The Athletic, Sturdevant plays a pivotal role in supporting the talent acquisition process across all segments of the North American newsroom, with a specific focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Working in a fully remote capacity at The Athletic, she finds joy in traveling and connecting with colleagues worldwide.

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