Theatre, Television, and Film Student Profile: Amira Temple

April 5, 2022
Amira Temple

San Diego, CA

Major and year in school:
Theatre with an Emphasis in Performance, Third/Junior

How did you decide on SDSU? 
I started at Grossmont Community College. I’d heard a lot of good things about SDSU, and it made the most sense for me to transfer because I wanted to stay local. 

What’s your favorite part about your field/major?
I like that the work doesn’t feel like work. I genuinely enjoy what I do, but I also think it is important. Humans have been telling stories since before we had modern language. Drama, voice, movement, music, and spectacle have transported the past into the present, predicted the future, and created community and vitality where there was empty space. Theatre fills gaps in the world, and my heart. 

What does it take to be successful in your major?
You can’t ever stop unapologetically exploring. It’s important to question the limitations we set inwardly about what the bounds of theatre are, but in order to discover something new, you have to play. In order to play, you can’t be afraid to embarrass yourself, or challenge your notions, or step out of your comfort zone. Theatre is all about choices, and when we widen our scope of possibilities we start creating magic. 

What do you hope to do in the future? 
I wish I could answer this question with certitude, but what I lack in certainty I make up for in conviction. I have dreams of traveling in an acting troupe performing Shakespeare, directing plays all over the world, guest speaking at conferences, hosting workshops, working as a professional actor,  and being a professor. In the future, I hope I get to do it all and then some, sharing my passion for storytelling and art in whatever capacities I am meant to. 

Any faculty to shout out and why?
Dr. Katie Turner for her wisdom, patience, and unyielding grace. Niyi Coker for his advocacy of the black student voice, and mentorship. Dani Bedau for helping me master the art of collaboration. And, truly, all of the professors I’ve had so far. SDSU is lucky to have such compassionate and passionate Theatre professors. 

Favorite place to eat on campus, what do you get? 
I usually go to Trader Joe’s (because the Aztec Market has airport prices!). I grab the Turkey Apple Cheddar Sandwich, the Trader Joe’s Takis, and a piece of fruit…cause balance. 

Favorite place to visit in San Diego? 
I love Balboa Park, I think it’s San Diego’s crowning jewel. 

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