Statement on Derek Chauvin Verdict and Community Resources

April 20, 2021

Statement on Derek Chauvin Verdict and Community Resources

With the guilty verdict released in Minneapolis on Tuesday, and on behalf of the faculty and staff of the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts, we publicly pledge a firm stance against racism and hatred based on personal background, identity, or skin color. We are committed to cultivating a campus climate that promotes human dignity, civility, and mutual appreciation for the uniqueness of each member of our community. I also encourage you to read SDSU President Adela de la Torre’s message to our campus community, shared after the verdict was read.  

Your Expreince Matters.

As a student in PSFA, we want  you to feel safe and supported by your college. If you experience academic or non-academic challenges please consider using one of the links below to let us know. You may also reach out to the Dean’s office directly at:

Student Experince Form

Use this link if you are experiencing any challenges related to your experience in PSFA.  A team member will review your communication and reach out to provide appropriate assistance, or to connect you with resources.

Inclusive SDSU

Use this link to document instances that promote SDSU’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, to celebrate faculty and students who do this work well, as well as to document or share issues. These reports will be used to identify patterns and develop strategies, trainings, and actions for community improvement where needed. (This form is for documentation purposes only. You will not receive an individual response.)

Freedom from discrimination, harassment, and violence is a basic right and is requisite for learning. We are here to support you.

Peggy Shannon
Dean, College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts


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