Student JEDI Council

In Spring, 2024, PSFA launched our first student council for Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion. A call went out to students across the College in 2023 and the following five students applied and were selected to form our inaugural PSFA Student JEDI Council. We welcome and thank them for their enthusiastic engagement in this new council and look forward to their input! Be on the lookout for an event for students hosted by the Student JEDI Council this spring!

Student JEDI Council

headshot of Indigo

Indigo Eatmon

Major: Public Relations and Criminal Justice Expected Graduation: May 2026

headshot of Matalino

Matalino Lorezno

Major: B.A. in Psychology with Industrial/Organizational Psychology emphasisExpected Graduation: May 2024Minors: Communication and Interdisciplinary studies

headshot of Rae

Rae Zundel

Major: Journalism with an emphasis in public relations major (auxiliary art)Expected Graduation: December 2024