PSFA Academic Advisors


Professional Studies and Fine Arts Advisors

Follow the links below to find the PSFA advisors for all Professional Studies and Fine Arts schools and departments:

•Colonel John Grimm (ENS 385) 619-594-5550 [email protected]


•Theresa Luu (PSFA 221) 619-594-2111 [email protected].
•Kate Palese (ARTN-473) [email protected].
•Gary Benzel (ARTN-300A) [email protected].

•Sondra Sherman (ARTN-405) [email protected].

•Nikole Carter-Curtis, M. Ed. (COM 240) [email protected]

Hospitality (Undergraduate):
Christina Jeffries (AH 4219) 619-594-0390 [email protected]

Outdoor Systems Management (Undergraduate):
•Larry Beck (AH 4221) 619-594-5753, [email protected]

Recreation Management (Undergraduate):
•Corrine Youngholm [email protected]
•Larry Beck (AH 4221) 619-594-5753, [email protected]

Sustainable Tourism (Undergraduate):
•Jess Ponting (AH 4150) 619-594-8499 [email protected]

•Adrian Zachary Diaz (AH 4200) 619-594-5145 [email protected]
•Alexa Mokalis (AH 4198) 619-594-2521 [email protected]

•Amy Schmitz Weiss (AH 4191) 619-594-3504 [email protected]

Learning Design and Technology:
•Bernard J. Dodge (AH 4190) 619-594-7401 [email protected]


•Captain Pedro CruzFeliciano, Assistant Military Instructor (ENS 451) 760-750-4874 [email protected]

•Captain Marc Jason, Assistant Military Instructor, (ENS 451) 619-594-2820, [email protected]

•Staff Sergeant Evelyn Deleon, Enlisted Military Instructor (ENS 451) 619-594-2820, [email protected]

•John Phillips,
Recruiting Operations Officern 619-594-1236, [email protected]



(Music Education, BA, Professional Studies-General, and Music Minor)
•Shannon Kitelinger, Assistant Professor (M224) 619-594-1779 [email protected]
•Travis Maril, Lecturer (M241) 619-594-6031 [email protected]

•Joseph Alter,
Professor of Dance (ENS122) 858-869-5759 [email protected]

•Kevin Delgado, Associate Professor (M219) 619-594-6045 [email protected]


(Note: The main Naval Science office is located on the University of San Diego Campus, and can be reached by phone at 619-260-4811)

Naval Option

First-Year Student and Sophmore
•Lieutenant Kelly Wehle
, Officer Instructor (COMM-130) 619-594-1135 [email protected]

•Lieutenant Charles Billhardt, Junior Class Officer Instructor (COMM-130) 619-260-2291 [email protected]

•Lieutenant Sean Barner, Officer Instructor (COMM-130) 619-260-2288 [email protected]

Marine Option

All Class Levels
•Captain Brett Rankin,
Marine Officer Instructor (COMM-130) 619-260-6834 [email protected]


City Planning (Graduate): 
•AJ Kim, Academic Advisor, [email protected]

Criminal Justice (Undergraduate)
•Sam Beltran, Undergraduate Academic Adviser (Main Campus), (AH 4104), [email protected]

Criminal Justice and Criminology (Graduate): 
•Paul Kaplan
, Professor, [email protected]

Public Administration (Undergraduate): 
•Sam Beltran, Undergraduate Academic Adviser (Main Campus), (AH 4104),  [email protected]

Public Administration (Graduate): 
•Joshua Chanin, Associate Professor, [email protected]


Theatre (Undergraduate): 
•Katie Turner, Lecturer, (DA 204), 619-594-4936, [email protected]
•Chad Reyes., Undergraduate Advisor(DA 204B), [email protected]

Theatre (Graduate): 
•Shelley Orr, Associate Professor, (DA 213), [email protected]

TFM (Undergraduate): 
•Chad Reyes., Undergraduate Advisor(DA 204B), [email protected]
•Glenn Heath Jr., Undergraduate Advisor(DA 204C), [email protected]

TFM (Graduate): 
•David Morong, Professor, (COMM 112A), 619-594-8654, [email protected]

Musical Theatre (Graduate): 
•Robert Meffe, Professor, Head of Musical Theatre, Graduate Advisor, (DA 005A), 619-594-5848, [email protected]