headshot of Dr. Godfried Asante

Dr. Godfried Asante

Associate Professor

PSFA Diversity Council Chair
School of Communication
College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

San Diego

5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-4560
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As an educator, Dr. Asante believes he has a responsibility to prepare future and current students for the complex roles they will fulfill as parents, community leaders, politicians, and more. He views the classroom as an extension of the “real world” and not outside of it. Based on this belief, he engages his students in critical dialogues where they respectfully challenge each other’s ideas while thinking through local and global issues. An emphasis on critical dialogue is driven by his desire for community-engaged learning, where students critically examine social issues by working with community members. In this way, students see the learning process as not only confined to the classroom but as a collaborative process with their communities. Dr. Asante believes that SDSU stands to make significant contributions to changing this country’s future leaders and is excited to be a part of that legacy.