Outstanding Student: Jason Andrew Carr, Air Force ROTC

Friday, May 10, 2024
Photo of Outstanding Student, Jason Andrew Carr
Photo of Outstanding Student, Jason Andrew Carr

Jason Andrew Carr is a beacon of dedication and service within San Diego State University's Air Force ROTC program. Not only did he excel academically, but his commitment to his studies and his sense of duty to his country set him apart from his peers. 

One of Carr's notable achievements is receiving the "Commanders In-College Scholarship" from the Air Force, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the ROTC program.

Reflecting on his educational journey, Carr found himself deeply influenced by the guidance and mentorship of Professor Kimberly Twist. "Professor Twist's impact on my career as a whole extends past my education," Carr reflected. "She wrote me two letters of recommendation for opportunities presented to me by the Air Force ROTC program. One of which was written on my behalf to my desired career field in the Air Force helping me be selected for the position."

Outside of academics, Carr actively participated in campus life, enjoying his time with the Air Force ROTC program and various sports teams.

Looking forward, Carr is determined to serve his country and help others through the Air Force. "While I will not be translating my Political Science knowledge directly into my career field. The interpersonal skills and hardworking habits that I have picked up throughout my years at SDSU have set me up for success regardless of my direct use of the major," he said.

Despite challenges, including those brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Carr emerged resilient. "Overcoming this challenge molded me into a more grateful person. I took in-person instruction and face-to-face contact with my peers for granted which I no longer do," he reflects.

Looking ahead to the future, Carr's aspirations extended beyond his success. To the Graduating Class of 2024, Carr hopes "... we all work hard in whatever we love. Although simple, I find it important to find what you love and work your hardest to make it better.”

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