Outstanding Student Michael Edison Cartas: School of Music and Dance

Thursday, May 16, 2024
Outstanding Student Michael Edison Cartas: School of Music and Dance
Outstanding Student Michael Edison Cartas: School of Music and Dance

In the orchestra of San Diego State University's diverse campus, Edison Cartas stands out as a dedicated student in the music education program, conducting his academic journey with passion, commitment, and a spirit of service. 

Throughout his time at SDSU, Cartas has not only excelled academically but has also made contributions to the university community through his involvement in various organizations and his pursuit of excellence.

Cartas's path to success has been supported by scholarships and opportunities that have allowed him to explore his passion for music education. Reflecting on his journey, Cartas shares, “The Christine Springston Scholarship for Music Performance was the first scholarship I received at SDSU, and it supported my enrollment in the many amazing ensembles of the music department."

His dedication to teaching was further nurtured through the SDSU Music Education Fellowship and the Presser Foundation Undergraduate Scholar Award, which recognized his commitment to the field.

Transitioning from community college to SDSU, Cartas initially grappled with uncertainty about his future in music education. However, under the mentorship of Karen Koner, he found guidance and support that shaped his educational experience. 

"Studying under Dr. Koner the moment I transferred to SDSU was an incredibly influential experience for me," Cartas reflects. "Like with many other students, she always trusted and supported my ideas while guiding me in the right direction when it came to music pedagogy."

Beyond his academic pursuits, Cartas has been actively involved in campus organizations, including the California Music Educators Association (CMEA) Collegiate Chapter and the PSFA College Council. 

He served as the president of the CMEA Collegiate Chapter, leading initiatives in professional development, service events, and networking. Additionally, Cartas dedicated his time to the Music Education Fellowship Program, serving as a student teacher and later as the undergraduate program assistant.

As a musician, Cartas has showcased his talents as the principal horn player in various performing ensembles, including the San Diego State Symphony Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Chamber Orchestra, and Brass Chamber ensembles. Through these experiences, he has honed his skills and enriched his understanding of music performance and education

Looking ahead, Cartas aspires to become a secondary music educator, aiming to inspire students through rehearsal, performance, and community-building. He credits SDSU's comprehensive music education program for equipping him with the skills and resources needed to succeed in diverse classroom settings. "The music education program at SDSU is unique compared to other schools as the degree prepares educators to teach in all music settings," Cartas explains. "As someone that wishes to teach in the diverse community of San Diego, I feel that SDSU’s program has equipped me with resources and skills I need to be successful in whatever classroom I have in the future."

In his message to the Graduating Class of 2024, Cartas shares a profound sentiment inspired by Confucius, urging his peers to prioritize effort and love in all their endeavors. "I want our graduating class to always remind ourselves of the love that drives our efforts in all that we do throughout our lives," he said.

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