Arts Alive SDSU Presents Events Highlighting Creative Research and Interdisciplinary Conversation.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Arts Alive SDSU students working in collaboration to showcase a collection of arts events

Arts Alive SDSU continues in Spring 2024 showcasing a collection of arts events that form connections between the arts, humanities, and sciences through conversations that focus on socio-political and cultural topics. Themes across the events focus on exploring identity and well-being, and considering how those are perceived both by individuals and groups.

Featuring collaborations and partnerships across campus, Arts Alive’s lineup includes events from both their established Discovery Series and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching Program. Arts Alive SDSU also continues its partnership with the One SDSU Community with two events this spring.

Each Discovery Series event is connected with a performing or visual arts event from the School of Art and Design, the School of Music and Dance, or the School of Theatre, Television, and Film. Faculty interested in applying to be a part of the Discovery Series for the 2024-25 academic year may apply online.  


Discovery Series & One SDSU Community

Xingaderas: Constructing Borderland Personalities
Artist Lecture and Panel Conversation
Scripps Cottage | February 22 | 5:30 p.m
This artist talk and panel will focus on identity, transformation, empathy, and the masks we wear. Immediately following is an exhibition opening and reception at the School of Art and Design Installation Gallery. 

Indigenous Ecologies: Indigenous Perspectives on Ecology, Land, and Nature Panel
Panel and Curator’s Tour
Shiley Bioscience Center, El Cajon | March 21 | 2:00 p.m
As part of The Imaginary Amazon exhibition, this panel conversation will discuss the relationship between the Amazon rainforest and its Indigenous populations, including ancestral memory and knowledge and the Indigenous struggle for land rights. The panel will be immediately followed by a reception and curator's tour of the University Art Gallery.***his artist talk and panel will focus on identity, transformation, empathy, and the masks we wear. Immediately following is an exhibition opening and reception at the School of Art and Design Installation Gallery. 

Discovery Series

Hearing Conservation for Musicians
Performance and Panel
The Magnolia Theatre, El Cajon
March 3 | 6:00 p.m 
This panel will explore music psychology and its impact on musicians and audiences, as well as demonstrate and focus on the concept of “musical illusions.”    

Kristina Wong: Food Bank Influencer
Student Union Theater  | March 5 | 5:00 p.m. 
Guest comedian Kristina Wong will perform “Food Bank Influencer.” Hosted by the SDSU APIDA Center and supported by Arts Alive SDSU, the evening will also feature a one-hour Q&A session following the performance. 

In a Sunshine State Panel Conversation
Panel Conversation
Location TBD | April 25 | 4:00 p.m
This panel conversation will take inspiration from the world premiere performance of In a Sunshine State, a new production from the SDSU New Musical Initiative. The panel will delve into the topics of homophobia and social action/activism, studied through both a current and historical lens.

World Design Capital 2024: Design Educators Forum
Location, Time, and Date TBD
In collaboration with SDSU International Affairs, Arts Alive will contribute to a one day conference focused on developing an environment where students become the catalysts for cross-border learning. It also seeks to nurture sustained partnerships between institutions across borders, all while actively participating in the vital discourse surrounding the decolonization of design.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Teaching Program

Performance Anxiety: Psychological Science in Service of the Arts
Rhapsody Hall (Music 113) | April 25 | 1:00 p.m.
As a result of their semester-long collaboration, two courses will come together to have students perform and present their research on addressing stage fright, performance anxiety, and meditation.

About Arts Alive SDSU

Arts Alive SDSU is dedicated to providing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff at San Diego State University to engage in the arts as an integral part of a comprehensive education that promotes creative research, interdisciplinary collaboration, professional innovation, and personal enrichment on campus and in the community.

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