SDSU Detachment 075 Maintains 15-Year Quint Det Undefeated Streak

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

SDSU Air Force ROTC Members
For fifteen consecutive years, Detachment 075 at San Diego State University (SDSU) has dominated the annual event for Southern Californian Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) detachments – Quint Det, also known as the SoCal Field Day.


Imagine the intensity of sports rivalry intertwined with the discipline and camaraderie of military training. Quint Det embodies this unique fusion, bringing together five AFROTC detachments for a day of spirited competition.


With athleticism and teamwork, SDSU emerged as 2024 champions, showcasing not only physical prowess but a culture of excellence deeply ingrained within the detachment.


Quint Det was established in 2000 to foster camaraderie and a competitive spirit among AFROTC cadets. Each year, cadets from Detachment 002 at California State University - San Bernardino, Detachment 060 at the University of Southern California, Detachment 040 at Loyola Marymount University, Detachment 055 at the University of California - Los Angeles, and Detachment 075 come together for a series of sporting events, engaging in friendly competition.


This year, cadets competed in various sports including flag football, ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, a physical fitness test, and a relay race. Det 075 showcased its dominance by going undefeated in ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball, and flag football, securing victory by a staggering 180 points.


Det 075 has triumphed in the event eighteen times out of twenty-five in Quint Det's history, and this year's victory cements a remarkable fifteen-year winning streak. This sustained success exemplifies the dedication, discipline, and teamwork instilled within the SDSU detachment.


Det 075 invites aspiring cadets to join the detachment of champions for future renditions of this competition. To receive more information about AFROTC and becoming a United States Air Force or Space Force officer, please contact AFROTC Det 075 at [email protected].


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