Outstanding Student: Rebekah-Shawlanie Avila, L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Rebekah-Shawlanie Avila is a Recreation and Tourism Management major and has been recognized as an Outstanding graduate for school of L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

May 3, 2023
Rebekah-Shawlaine Avila

Recreation and Tourism Management major, Rebekah-Shawlanie Avila, has been chosen as the program’s 2023 Outstanding Student. Throughout her time at SDSU, Rebekah-Shawlanie or “Becky” never failed to persevere through hardships for her education and maintain dedication to her involvements. 

“My career goal is to be in a position where I foster a safe community,” notes Becky. Growing up feeling a “sense of comfort and community,” inspired her to “create that feeling of comfort for others,” which she hopes to continue forward with in her career. 

One of Becky’s most vital experiences is her internship at Hope Leadership Academy (HLA), “a non-profit organization that works in the afterschool setting and seeks to ensure that youth from fatherless homes in underserved communities receive support, guidance, and a plan to break the cycles of hopelessness.” Beginning her work with HLA in 2018, Becky discovered “how to communicate with influence and purposeful impact,” through her work. She continues to work there as the Assistant Academy Coordinator for the Greater Barrio Logan Elementary School.

Besides HLA, Becky has also worked as a Membership Manager for the Santa Maria Valley YMCA, a Site Program Director for San Luis Obispo YMCA, and a Catering Sales Associate for SDSU Catering.

Wishing the best for this year's graduates Becky reflects: “our time at San Diego State University has shown us that good things require hard work, but it is that hard work that creates change.” “My dream is that when we are faced with adversity, struggling to open any closed door, you will think back to this moment, and picture yourself strutting across this stage to receive your diploma, and proudly walk up to that closed door and knock it down.”