Outstanding Student: Diem Nguyen, School of Art and Design

Diem Nguyen has been selected as the Outstanding Graduate for the School of Art and Design.

May 5, 2023
Diem Nguyen

Diem Nguyen is creative with a passion for learning, something that she rediscovered upon beginning her higher education at San Diego State University.

“My experience in higher education reignited my curiosity and love for learning. With the help of supportive faculty, I leaned into my natural curiosity and fascination with the world and it helped me enjoy the process of learning the way I used to as a kid,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen is a peer tutor at the PSFA Academic Resource Center and her support has impacted many students. 

Her most influential faculty member is Dr. Gillian Sneed, who showed her empathy and compassion when she needed it most. 

Nguyen’s advice for incoming freshmen is to be your best advocate. “There are always people out there who care and want to support you, but you should be your first and strongest advocate. Give yourself the chance to succeed and so will others.”

Her message for the graduating class is to “stay curious, hopeful, and kind.”