Outstanding Student: Chivas Powers, Army ROTC

Chivas Powers has been recognized as the outstanding student of SDSU’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

May 1, 2023
Outstanding student Chivas Powers.
Outstanding student Chivas Powers.

Chivas Powers has been chosen as the outstanding student of the SDSU’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. After graduating from college in May, Powers will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and will begin to serve as a Field Artillery Officer in June. 

He looks forward to being able to connect with his soldiers and bring his cultural and linguistic studies in Chinese, Arabic, and Russian into the workplace to help create a unified and productive team.

Not one to shy away from pursuing multiple avenues, Powers was also part of the SDSU Cycling Club, Cadet Fund Club, and Aztec BN ROTC.

Powers took advantage of his time at SDSU and worked hard to earn the Army ROTC National Three-Year Advanced Designee Scholarship. This scholarship allowed him to study foreign languages, make connections within the military, and start his career debt-free. 

Although it may seem like Powers is unstoppable, he did face some challenges throughout college. As a foreign language major, the pandemic drastically changed the way he learned. Non-verbal cues are crucial to his studies so having classes online was challenging. He was able to find a unique way to strengthen his skills by increasing participation in class discussions and listening to podcasts in his target language.

Powers has studied with Professor Ghassan Zakaria for several semesters, including courses over the summer, and enjoyed each one. After his first class with the professor, Powers decided to incorporate Arabic into his major. 

“Any professor can teach a class, but it takes a very special individual to inspire someone to love and look forward to classes each and every day,” Powers said. “Ashkuruka Kathiran ya Ustaath!”

Powers has some wonderful words of wisdom for the younger Aztecs:

“Life will happen and things will be difficult, but there is nothing wrong with recognizing that, and relying on those close to you to help you through it,” he said. “Enjoy your college experience and realize that one college experience is not better than another. Just have fun, learn, and make memories with those around you.”

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