Outstanding Student: Brieanna Elzenga, School of Public Affairs

Brieanna Elzenga has been selected as the Outstanding Graduate for the School of Public Affairs.

May 5, 2023
Brieanna Elzenga

Brieanna Elzenga is a driven and adaptive student who has thrived throughout her college experience. 

During her time at SDSU, she has been a part of the Tau Sigma Transfers Honor Society and the Criminal Justice internship program. 

Elzenga has been inspired by Professor Burekeen. “Professor Burkeen has been my most influential faculty member because her passion is true and it is easily passed onto her students. She could make any concept or topic enjoyable and intriguing at the same time just because of how genuinely invested she could be.”

Being a student during COVID-19 shaped Elzenga’s college experience, despite its adversity. “It shaped me into a more independent student and forced me to hold myself accountable more when it came to my studies,” said Elzenga. 

She hopes that her fellow graduates and herself all achieve their goals after graduation.