San Diego ROTC Units Perform Snapdragon Stadium’s First Military Parade

Three hundred students representing the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Space Force displayed military pageantry before the Nov. 12, 2022 SDSU vs San Jose State game.

November 18, 2022

The joint ROTC formation awaits the playing of the National Anthem.

Three San Diego State University-based Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) units paraded onto Bashor Field Nov. 12  for Snapdragon Stadium’s first-ever military parade.  

Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC, and Navy ROTC operated jointly to demonstrate ceremonial precision and pride in service in the Nov. 12 SDSU/San José State University pregame “March On.”

A color guard team representing the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Space Force presented their service colors on the 50-yard line. Some 300 midshipmen and cadets marched in unison to honor veterans and active duty service members.

This March On, in support of Fleet Week San Diego, was a collaborative effort between Navy ROTC,  SDSU’s College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts, and the SDSU Athletics Department. Director of Athletic Bands Bryan Ransom, assisted Drill Master Gunnery Sergeant Jacob Hayden, USMC, in the execution of this camaraderie-building event.  

Midshipman 4/C Nicholas Crisafulli said he was “extremely proud to represent the U.S. Navy and SDSU” on the field. Another first-year student, Midshipman 4/C Dean Habbestad, felt that this March On was a “passing of the torch from those who have served to those who will serve in the future.”

When Crisafulli was young, he aspired to be in uniform one day.  “Hopefully,” he explained, “there were little kids thinking the same thing during the March On Saturday night.”

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