Outstanding Graduate: Samantha Barlow from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

May 11, 2022
Charlotte Randle

The Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has selected Samantha Barlow, a Recreation and Tourism Management (RTM) major, as their 2022 outstanding student. Samantha BarlowBarlow was a transfer student to SDSU and made the most of her time here. She served as the Lower Division Advisor for the RTM program and has been the Vice President of the Recreation and Tourism Student Association since Fall 2021. 

Pursuing her major allowed Barlow to dig into her passion for travel, “I have always been fascinated with travel and tourism, especially since my gap year after high school where I was able to visit 10 countries in 7 months. I would love to work in a career that provides support for students traveling the world. My experience in my major will help me in my development of these goals since I was taught about outdoor leadership, adventure programming, and the leisure experience.”

She is thankful for the opportunities provided to her at SDSU, and grateful to spend her second and last year on campus in person. Beyond her RTM involvement, Barlow played on the Aztec Club Water Polo team and worked at the Aztec Aquaplex. 

Barlow shares her advice for incoming freshmen, “Become involved! You do not necessarily have to be a board member in an organization but you can go to and experience events. The more you interact with fellow students and have experiences, the more you will be able to find your place at SDSU and eventually life after college.”

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