Air Force ROTC Student Profile: Cadet Madison Wilson

April 5, 2022
Cadet Madison Wilson

Fort Washington, Maryland 

Major and year in school:
International Security and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR) with an emphasis in Cybersecurity, and currently a Junior at SDSU

How did you decide on SDSU? 
I decided on transferring to SDSU for both the geographical location and the variety of majors that are offered to students. Since I have an interest in entrepreneurship, the Lavin Entrepreneurship program stood out due to the opportunities and resources available.   

What’s your favorite part about your field/major? 
My favorite area within my major is the flexibility to branch into other interests such as law, government, global intelligence, and cyber security. In ISCOR, I’ve had the ability to analyze human security from different approaches both from a global and cultural perspective and in turn, examine these challenges from a cybersecurity approach. 

What does it take to be successful in your major? 
In order to be successful in International Security, one must understand how social, political, and economic issues present challenges to all areas of human and global security. Further, having a diverse approach towards these issues while combining an area of interest through a global perspective will allow a student to be well informed and have a broader approach to global affairs.  

What do you hope to do in the future? 
In the future, I hope to start my cybersecurity consulting company in which I work with international companies and further provide services in areas of network protection, software development, and data loss protection. By creating this company, I then want to branch and start a podcast that focuses on discussing all areas of technology from the growth of AI Technology, the future of Blockchain systems, and also how technology is changing the landscape of all human services in society. Currently, I’m working on a company that focuses on building the professional network of young students both in high school and college, and also adults transitioning from other careers through services such as LinkedIn and other professional building sites. By focusing on the growth of technology and providing a platform that teaches students and adults how to build their professional network, my plan in the future is to create solutions that will provide new approaches towards technology globally. 

Any faculty to shout out and why? 
I want to give a shoutout to my Hebrew teacher Professor Shuster. With this, not only was she monumental in terms of having a flexible approach to her teaching style, but she acted as a guide and mentor in showing me another culture, language, and the ability to successfully adapt within another country. 

Favorite place to eat on campus, what do you get? 
My favorite place to eat on campus would be the Broken Yolk Cafe and with this, you can never go wrong getting the Classic French Toast with powdered sugar and strawberries.

Favorite place to visit in San Diego? 
My favorite place to visit in San Diego would be Belmont Park down at Mission Beach. I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere from the boardwalk, the different events, and stores nearby, as well as ice cream places such as Sweet Shoppe. 

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