The School Art and Design and Art Produce Showcase the Work of Emerging Artists

November 17, 2021
The Student Award Exhibition
In the heart of North Park, Art Produce gallery has set aside a gallery space for the winner of the Student Award Exhibition.

In a partnership with Art Produce, the School of Art and Design’s annual Student Award Exhibition provides students a chance for a solo exhibition. In the heart of North Park, Art Produce gallery has set aside a gallery space for the winner of the Student Award Exhibition. This year, third-year Graphic Design MFA candidate Sepideh Shamloufard was awarded this unique opportunity.

Shamloufard’s interactive video installation, Breeze from the Past, will be showcased in the gallery from Nov. 1 - 21 with a closing reception to be held Saturday, Nov. 20 from 2 - 4 p.m.

The beauty of memories is that they feel so weightless and floating in our

mind and heart rather than being sharp or crisp. Our memories can reach us at any moment, anywhere, just with a touch of a specific smell, sound, and/or image.

Interim Director of the School of Art and Design Arzu Ozkal shares what is so special about this collaboration. “With this award, Art Produce provides our students a space to have their first solo exhibition outside the school domain, and help them reach out to a broader audience. During the time they spend in the gallery, students often meet with other artists and meaningfully engage with community members, which allows them to see their work in a different context.”

Shamloufard grew up in Tehran-Iran, and received her BA in designing, printmaking textile, and clothing. Now, she tells her story as an immigrant and an artist through design and art.

Shamloufard shares what the installation means to her. “To me, this installation is a manifestation of all the old memories I have carried to America with me and all of the new ones I am creating here. Now as part of the Art Produce Gallery, they will always be the glamorous part of it.” explained Shamloufard.

Art Produce Director Lynn Susholtz is thrilled to add Shamloufard’s work to the gallery program. “Our gallery program challenges artists to experiment in a non-traditional art space and to think about how their work responds to the physical environment and the surrounding community,” said Susholtz. “We are very excited for how Sepideh’s installation explores ideas and cultural histories utilizing the public aspects of the space, while also creating an intimate and personal experience. Her work is engaging and thoughtful, and we are so happy to have chosen her for our 2021 SDSU Student Award Exhibit.”

As an inspiration for upcoming artists, Shamloufard shares her wisdom. “Let the light penetrate through the subtle cracks of your memories. There will always be shadow and light in your life, admire them both.”

Visit the gallery: 3139 University Avenue ​San Diego, CA 92104 (619) 500-ARTS

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