SDSU’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Becomes Headquarters for CSU Hospitality Alliance

December 10, 2021
Hospitality and Tourism Management students
Hospitality and Tourism Management students across 15 schools in the CSU system are supported by the CSU Hospitality Alliance.

The SDSU School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has become the headquarters for the CSU Hospitality Alliance, a coalition that builds connections and careers for HTM students across 15 schools in the CSU System.

CSU Vice Chancellor Laurie Redfern oversaw the move of the alliance from Cal Poly Pomona, to San Diego State University. The CSU Hospitality Alliance is headed by Professor Carl Winston, Director of the SDSU School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, and now Executive Director of the Hospitality and Tourism Alliance.

Winston has a passion for his students and the program, and is truly delighted to take on the responsibility of fulfilling the mission of the CSU Hospitality Alliance. “This alliance supports HTM students beyond their education, through real world experience and personal connection. Our enhanced network of resources creates strong professionals that impress employers in California, the U.S. and around the world,” said Winston.

The alliance has become a pathway for students from campus to career, creating vital connections across the country. With a large network of industry connections, job fairs, and webinars, students have a unique opportunity to develop their skills.

Alliance lead administrator Corrine Youngholm facilitates resources and events across all 15 CSU campuses. She provides essential support to all CSU HTM directors to unify each campus under The Hospitality Alliance. “Being a part of the CSU Hospitality & Tourism Alliance, is such a great opportunity for our outreach, our collaborations with our CSU colleagues and especially for our students,” said Youngholm. “I am really looking forward to the momentum heading into 2022.”

The alliance is supported by an advisory board of 45 industry professionals and a designated program leader on each campus. The Hospitality Alliance is the second of its kind across the CSU system, following the CSU Entertainment Alliance.

Learn more about the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at SDSU on the HTM Website.

About the Hospitality and Tourism Alliance:

The Hospitality & Tourism Alliance offers a passport to the world of hospitality and tourism management in both the domestic and international arenas. Based in California, we have ready access to a wide array of global, national and regional corporations in all segments of the hospitality and tourism industry.

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