School of Communication Connects Classroom to Career Through Internships

December 10, 2021
A zoom meeting with the School of Communication Alumni Board
Recently, the School of Communication Alumni Board came together for an event to talk about the value of internships and take questions from current students.

The SDSU School of Communication knows internships as essential for students to have under their belts before employers will even consider looking at their resumes. Internships and co-op programs illuminate candidates and give them an edge over classmates with less experience.

The School of Communication offers course credit for participating in an internship through COMM 490.

Internship Coordinator for the School of Communication Dr. Chuck Goehring says, “As a general major, [Communication] can be applicable to countless professions. In my opinion, a communication internship provides the best insight into what the future may hold once they graduate.”

School of Communication student Hailey Wedel is enrolled in COMM 490, and says her internship has been an eye opening experience with the mentorship of Dr. Canary.

“My internship has not only taught me about marketing, but has given me immense organizational skills in regards to staying on top of emails and staying connected with people. It has definitely prepared me for my professional career after I graduate,” says Wedel.

Wedel continues, “I recommend that everyone does an internship to learn new skill sets and potentially be more confident in what they want to do after college.”

Communication Alumni Board member John Gates has hired SDSU students at Avion Consulting and works with interns. He says, “[hiring interns] is our way of hopefully giving back to the SDSU community, since several members of our firm are Aztecs for Life. It is important to us to continue supporting our alma mater in various ways.”

Gates continues, “our hope is that internships provide students with a sense of what the management consulting field is like, and it also can provide them with helpful professional experience. Additionally, SDSU, as a very strong academic institution, attracts bright and accomplished students who are capable of contributing to a firm like ours in meaningful ways. Our hope is that any internship is a win-win situation, benefiting both the intern and our firm.”

School of Communication alumna Danielle Gonzales says the School prepared her to be successful in sales in the Gallo Wines sales management program because she “learned the importance of interpersonal, negotiation, and persuasion skills.”

Gonzales continues, “on a daily basis, I utilize probing questions, overcome objections, and persuade grocery store managers to display Gallo Wines in an impactful way. I am so thankful for all that the School of Communication taught me because it has helped me excel in the Wine and Spirits industry.”

Students in the online degree completion program through World Campus are also eligible for internships. Learn more about the program on the School of Communication website.

Recently, the School of Communication Alumni Board came together for an event to talk about the value of internships and take questions from current students. Check out the presentation here.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.