PSFA Clubs and Orgs: Find Your People in our Comprehensive Round Up

December 8, 2021
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The College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts is home to more than 40 student clubs and organizations, ranging from professional and cultural, to hospitality and performance. Check out the round-up below organized by school/department, and discover a PSFA group that might be right for you.


Contact (619)-594-8512 for more information on organizations in the school.

AIGA SDSU: AIGA, the professional association for design, is the place design professionals turn to first to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research, and advance education and ethical practice. AIGA sets the national agenda for the role of design in economic, social, political, cultural, and creative contexts.

  • President Jada Lomibao: “As the official student chapter at SDSU, we want to inspire, communicate, understand, and explore the world of design. Come join us if you are interested in having professional and student connections and attending workshops, events, studio tours, and more!”

SDSU Ceramic Arts Association: San Diego State’s Ceramic Arts Association is an organization with a goal to promote the education of ceramic arts to SDSU students. Ranging from casual craft enthusiasts to experienced ceramicists, members collaborate and create ways to share their appreciation of ceramics, while also strengthening their own community.

  • President Katie Francis: “The club is worth joining because it provides a sense of community and camaraderie in the ceramics department, allowing members to meet other ceramic students and participate in special events, visiting artist lectures, and ceramic conferences.

The Furniture Society: The Furniture Design Association is a valuable club to join for those interested in craft, woodworking, sculpture, functional art, and beyond.

  • Adam Manley: “We host visiting artists and demonstrations every year that expose our applied design and furniture students to makers from around the country and region, who they may not otherwise be exposed to. Stay tuned for visiting artist lectures, technical demonstrations and workshops, and other fun events related to furniture, design, and woodworking.”


Contact [email protected] for more information on organizations in the school.

Society for Leadership and Communication (“SoCaL”) - Aims to improve the experience of the students of San Diego State University’s School of Communication program. It aims to bring together graduate students and faculty members to produce a fulfilling and worthwhile experience that teaches and expands the knowledge of each person involved.

  • President Sam Nguyen: Being a part of SoCaL gives a useful behind-the-scenes on how the SDSU Department of Communication Graduate Program functions, and can help students build skills in leadership in the academic world.

Aztec Forensics/Speech and Debate Team: The club offers participation and coaching in a variety of events at no cost. Students can also receive course credit, qualify for scholarships, and participate in leadership opportunities. The organization features a phenomenal coaching staff that is excited and more than qualified to help with whatever level of experience you’re at. For more information, email the director Ashley at [email protected], follow/message the instagram page @aztecforensics, or contact the president Hailea at [email protected].

  • President Hailea Stone: If you want to work on your public speaking skills, join a nationally ranked program, make genuine lifetime friendships, travel across the country for competition, or participate in advocating for social justice; SDSU Forensics is the place for you! Our weekly practices are Mondays from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. in Comm206, feel free to drop by anytime!

Lambda Pi Eta - National Honors Society for Communication, SDSU Chapter Lambda Pi Eta celebrates current, past, and future academic achievements in the School of Communications.

  • President Katherine Chen: As an honor society we connect students with Alumnis that support SDSU and offer many networking opportunities for our members.

Health Communication Student Organization (HCSO): SDSU Health Communication Student Organization strives to promote health and wellness issues, support the health communication major, network with faculty and other students, and enhance student access to volunteering, internships, and employment opportunities in a variety of fields.

  • President Brianna Pham: It is an opportunity to become a part of a supportive community with people who share the same passions and goals to create a positive impact on our society. HCSO members get to collaborate on projects (such as community service, fundraising, etc.), connect with faculty, and build friendships with other fellow students.


Contact [email protected] for more information on organizations to join in the school.

FOODIES: A space for people who are interested in the food industry, restaurants, or just love food can come together and talk about food, explore restaurants, and meet professionals in the industry.

  • President Olivia Citrin: Recently, we did a trip to LA where we toured two restaurants and met general managers of restaurants, chefs, and a wine sommelier. One of the restaurants was melisse, a two star Michelin star restaurant. We also explore San Diego’s food world. We have been to farmers markets, night markets, and small businesses.

Lodging Management Student Association (LMSA): Explores all aspects and all levels of the lodging industry and connect hospitality students with local and national business professionals. Throughout the year the club plans and coordinates monthly events and mixers, hotels and resort tours, charity events, networking opportunities, and out of town trips.

  • President Lauren Graff: LMSA is worth joining because we are a very inclusive organization that focuses on the professional development of young students studying Hospitality.

Meetings and Events Student Association (MESA): Meetings and Events Student Association brings students and professionals in the meetings and events industry together to prepare for professional careers.

  • President Cassidy Campbell: It is a great way to explore the industry, as well as network with industry professionals, staff and faculty in HTM, and students!

NSMH (National Society of Minorities in Hospitality): NSMH is an organization based on providing minority students with opportunities to succeed in the hospitality industry.

  • Vice President Timia Drew: Our club is worth joining because our students have the opportunity to travel twice a year to our Regionals and Nationals conferences. At these conferences, we are able to network with other students from around the country. NSMH students are also able to interview with industry professionals, and oftentimes, receive job opportunities at these conferences.

    Recreation Tourism Student Association (RTSA): RTSA is a student-led Recreation club on SDSU Campus that focuses on bringing the recreation lifestyle to students’ everyday routine.

    • President Rebekah Avila: Our organization promotes sustainability, leadership skills, networking opportunities with professionals, and encourages all students to get involved. RTSA is a club for students to step out of their comfort zone and have fun. If you are interested in attending or joining our organization, please reach out to [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @rtsa_sdsu.

Students Creating Rides, Entertainment, Attractions, and Memories (SCREAM): Focuses on those career paths (creating rides, entertainment, attractions, and memories) in the industry of hospitality and tourism management. SCREAM has an upcoming trip that will be taking place in November to Orlando, Florida where they will be attending the IAAPA EXPO. IAAPA stands for the “International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.” Students get to meet industry professionals who work at said parks and attend live panels from guest speakers. As well as attend Disney World and Universal studios.

  • President Jano Paredes: Being a part of SCREAM would help those seeking opportunities and experiences within the entertainment (concerts/music festival) and attractions (Disneyland, Universal Studios, 6 Flags, etc.) aspect of the industry. We strive to always grow and include everyone and anyone that wants to become a part of the industry but doesn’t know where to start. By joining SCREAM, you’ll be able to make connection with industry professionals from networking. Putting your name out there is what might give you a boost you never knew you needed!

TGSA: Tribal Gaming Student Association: As students, we are always looking towards the future, however specifically in TGSA, we are striving to find a profession that is both meaningful and lucrative.

  • President Joey Castillo: Although we cannot guarantee or promise anything, it is our belief that through meeting and establishing relationships with Tribal and non-Tribal gaming professionals, as well as tribal government leaders, and academics who study the impacts of tribal gaming, we will not only become educated about new opportunities within the space but potentially innovators too.


Call 619-594-5450 for more information on organizations in the school.

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ): NABJ SDSU is one of the newest student chapters of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). NABJ was founded by 44 men and women in Washington, D.C. in 1975 and is the largest organization in the world for journalists of color. The mission for NABJ SDSU is to work to provide a space where aspiring Black student journalists can feel supported, affirmed, and heard. Our mission at SDSU is to provide valuable networking opportunities that can assist members as they navigate their journalism career.

  • President Trinity Bland: NABJ is a student chapter of the larger, national professional organization for Black journalists to connect with each other and network. We founded our historical chapter in fall 2020 and we have brought guest speakers from all over the country who are journalists at the top of their fields. From ESPN to CNN to the NFL, we’ve been able to make valuable connections with folks who we want to be like and NABJ provides us and other student journalists regardless of their background that opportunity.

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ): The Society of Professional Journalists is the nation’s most broad-based journalism organization, dedicated to encouraging the free practice of journalism and stimulating high standards of ethical behavior. The organization works to inspire and educate current and future journalists through professional development.

  • President Jayne Yutig: Society of Professional Journalists at SDSU is back, in person and ready to connect. Joining SPJ at SDSU directly connects you to one of the largest networks of professional journalists in the world. SPJ provides networking opportunities, education and community to students pursuing journalism all of the various industries. Joining SPJ is also great for resumes and for showing your involvement in the field. Please contact [email protected] for more information!

NAHJ (National Association of Hispanic Journalists): The SDSU chapter of NAHJ works at a local level in tandem with the San Diego chapter and the national organization. The chapter is open to all students, regardless of identity, and adheres to the same mission statement and goals as NAHJ:

  1. To organize and provide support for Hispanic Journalists.
  2. To encourage and support the study and practices of journalism and communications by Hispanics.
  3. To promote accurate and fair treatment of Hispanics by the news media.
  4. To further employment opportunities and career development for Hispanics in the news media.
  5. To foster greater understanding of the unique cultural identity, interests and concerns of Hispanic Journalists.
  • President Karina Bazarte: The National Association of Hispanic Journalists, better known as NAHJ is an association where student journalists can discover different ways to succeed through journalism. NAHJ helps journalism students to connect with professional journalists and different news stations. Becoming a member not only means connecting with professional journalists by also getting scholarship opportunities, and attending conventions and events. NAHJ, we are familia.

PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America): Serves members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations, providing access to professional development opportunities, and serving the public relations profession by helping to develop highly qualified, well-prepared professionals.

  • President: Erin Barker: People should join PRSSA because it allows students to make connections within the industry so they are more likely to get a job after graduating. Networking is key and PRSSA provides just that.

SDSU Advertising Club: This organization’s objective is to involve and educate members through engaging opportunities from professional guest speakers, interactive workshops, and agency tours. Founded in 1911, Ad Club hopes to inspire students to take these opportunities and make it advantageous for them in the future.

  • President Vanessa Castellon: Ad Club is worth joining because we provide students with connections to the professional advertising world and build skills through meaningful discussions while maintaining an inclusive environment.


Contact [email protected] for more information on organizations in the school.

Cadet Fund Club: The Cadet Fund Club acts as a liaison between San Diego State University’s Army ROTC program and San Diego State University. We seek to manage the Army ROTC’s fundraising efforts and funds earned in order to hold events for both training and recreation.

  • President Hannah Gillies: Every student is welcome regardless of whether one is in the military or not! The students in this organization will be mentored and trained in fundraising, management of funds, as well as organizing extracurricular events with the intent to build team cohesion and community awareness. Everyone will learn to act as student liaisons and advocates for the Army ROTC and SDSU body.


Contact [email protected] for more information on organizations in the school.

Aztec Aviation Organization (AAO): Aztec Aviation is a student organization that introduces AFROTC cadets to the basics of aviation and builds a community of people interested in aviation. AAO is a club designed for Air Force ROTC cadets (as basically everything we do is through or affiliated with AFROTC).

  • President Garrett Vasta: We put our focus on passing the tests and gaining (or teaching) the knowledge necessary to become pilots or any other rated officers in the US Air Force through the SDSU AFROTC program. We offer an intro to aviation ground school, multiple pilot forums (where a USAF pilot comes and talks with us), airbase visits, and incentive flights. The objective of AAO is to help afrotc cadets become familiar with aviation and hopefully propel them onto a path of becoming pilots is the worlds greatest Air Force.

Honor Guard: The Honor Guard is an organization within Detachment 075 AFROTC. We serve the greater San Diego community by presenting the colors at sports games, veteran events, and SDSU events. We are able to bridge our honored veterans and those currently serving in all services through collegiate involvement in the San Diego area.

  • President Allison Phillips: We pride ourselves on being incredibly professional in drill and ceremonies taught through ROTC and are some of the top performers in the detachment. This semester we have had the opportunity to present the colors at SD Loyal soccer games, Mt. Soledad ceremonies, and upcoming we are going to be at the SDSU War Memorial event and numerous Veterans Day Events in the area. AFROTC is an amazing opportunity to gain a college education while pursuing a commission in the US Air and Space Force, and we encourage all who have a desire to serve to reach out and see if ROTC is for you!

Arnold Air Society at SDSU: Working together to develop future leaders through community service, professional development, and education about our national defense.

  • President Andre Azzopardi

    Raptor Club: Raptor Club is a student service organization dedicated to assisting in the creation, funding, and continued sustainment of various activities in the cadet wing. We strive to promote creativity, integrity, and growth as a team.

    • President Abraham Kinghorn

Phase 0: Phase 0 is AFROTC Detachment 075’s premier special warfare preparatory club. We focus on teaching about the different types of special warfare career fields in the air force, where you could go in these career fields, and do workouts that test an individual’s perseverance.

  • President Kyle Macaraig: We have weekly workouts on Friday’s on campus.

Silver Wings: Silver Wings helps bridge the gap between the civilian world and the military. It is a sister organization to the Arnold Air Society, and has direct ties to the United States Air Force.

  • President Christopher O’Dowd: Silver Wing’s mission is to focus on personal and professional development as well as Civic Awareness. Two types of majors that may have a special interest in Silver Wings are Aerospace and Business. Aerospace, due to the tie to the Air Force, and many different opportunities for scholarships to fly, and business due to the combination of the military and its interaction with the civilian population, one can not exist without the other and Silver Wings works to help bridge that gap.


Call (619) 260-4811 for more information on joining organizations in the school.

The following are clubs associated with NROTC:

  • Aviation Club

  • Submarine Club

  • SWO Club

  • Spec War Club

  • Semper Fi Club


    Call (619)-594-6031 for more information on joining organizations in the school.

    Phi Mu Alpha: A brotherhood of musical students at SDSU, part of the world’s oldest and largest national fraternal society in music.

    • President Jonah Mandel: Join us, we collectively want to advance music in America and create an atmosphere for creating musicianly men.

    Tau Beta Sigma: Tau Beta Sigma is a national band service sorority dedicated to promoting and supporting women in music.

    • President Kayla Aponte: We are a great organization for those participating in a band and who want to be involved with service projects inside the SDSU music community and outside in our local communities. We participate in programs set by our National Headquarters and create service projects to help both the concert ensembles and athletic bands.

      California Music Educators Association (CMEA): Provides networking opportunities for professional development and networking for future music educators.

      • President Alyssa Koval

MuSA (Music Students Association): Provides platforms for students to connect, create together, and navigate university life as community brought together by music.

  • President Dayne Sakazaki: You don’t need to be a music major to join us for craft nights, frisbee hangouts, practice performances, or any other events, so please bring your friends and your love of music! Keep an eye peeled for our spring guest speaker list and for our end-of-the semester socials by following us on Instagram @sdsumusa or e-mailing us at [email protected].

Aztec Music Group: With the inclusion of our yearly album, AMG puts on numerous events for their members, artists, and those aspiring to work in the music industry.

  • President Tony Shar: The club provides a perfect environment for artists to collaborate and network with each other. Furthermore, the club provides a platform for artists to showcase themselves and their music to the world.


Call 619-594-6224 for more information on joining organizations in the school.

Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA): CJSA aims to establish relationships among students with similar interests in the Criminal Justice field and support the study and administration of the criminal justice system.

  • President Jody Dang: Our club includes a familiarization with careers in criminal justice, developing and promoting relationships between students and professionals in criminal justice, and fostering a positive relationship with the community. We have some amazing guest speakers coming up as well as Holiday socials for the month of November and December! Follow our Instagram @sdsucjsa to stay up to date with all of our upcoming events!

City Planning Association (CPA): The SDSU City Planning Association is a student chapter of the American Planning Association. Our organization connects SDSU students interested in urban planning with networking and career opportunities, professional development, and community.

  • President Nikki Zanchetta: City Planning Association members have the opportunity to learn more about the planning profession, attend conferences and community events, and connect with an extensive SDSU alumni network. It is a great way to connect with other SDSU students interested in the planning field and become more involved in the San Diego community.

  • Events: We invite the SDSU community to join our members at the following community event coming up in November: Mid-Coast Trolley Grand Opening (11/21): MTS and SANDAG will be having a grand opening event for the Mid-Coast Trolley Extension on 11/21. This is one of the largest infrastructure projects in San Diego’s recent history and will connect trolley service to La Jolla/UTC!

  • Public Administration: [email protected]


Contact [email protected] for more information on organizations in the school.

Black Renaissance: Black Renaissance is an organization that showcases Black talent and excellence within theatre and film at San Diego State University. Black Renaissance was founded on principles of providing representation and a safe space for Black stories and talent to be shared.

  • President Cierra Watkins: Our mission is to promote Black influence and talent within theater. To be an outlet where representation for the Black community is present on campus through the creative arts.

Film Society: This club helps lead students into the TFM major by providing them with resources and information from people who are in the major. The club watches and analyzes various films along with supporting one another with projects or ideas.

  • President Isaiah Anders: I would say that Film Society is worth joining because it allows for others with a passion or interest in film to come together to network, analyze film and the creative process and make friends!

Iota Eta Pi (Improv group): Iota eta pi thrives through community and comedy. We do long form improv comedy scenes and have performed all over the country. We have a show at least once every month and follow us on Instagram for updates @sdsuimprov.

  • Presidents J’Arrian Wade and Douglas Proder: We do our best to not only teach, but to give a platform to everyone who joins our team.

Latinx Student Film Festival: The LatinX Film Club will host an annual LatinX Film Festival on campus that will feature an art gallery, live performances, and most importantly films! The visual and creative arts shown at the festival will be made by LatinX students, faculty, and staff. The goal of the festival is to showcase the works of LatinX people and to give them a platform through which they can tell their stories.

  • President Gave Zendejas: The LatinX Film Club is worth joining for anyone who wants to expand both their knowledge of LatinX culture and their artistic talents. It is a great place for people to network and collaborate with other like minded people, including artists, filmmakers, and storytellers. Also, you don’t have to be a filmmaker or an artist to join the club! You just need an appreciation for art, representation, and LatinX culture. The club is open to all people!

The Musical Theatre Club: The purpose of this organization is to develop the next group of triple-threat performers in the SDSU community by providing a safe, professional space for exploring theatrical creativity and developing individual musical artistry. Our club is the place to take risks and to grow.

  • President Shelby Wuitschick: Musical Theatre Club is a space for performers and theatre enthusiasts to connect and share an appreciation for the performing arts. We are dedicated to providing opportunities to all underclassmen, whether you are a theatre major or not!
  • For our club performance-wise, this semester is coming to a close. However, we will be putting on an undergraduate-run production in the spring of next semester! Check out our Instagram (@sdsu_mtc) for updates on how to get involved. We would love to have you!

DATA - Design and Technology Association: Careers in the entertainment industry. Through mentorship, field trips, resume workshops, education about the industry, helping to find local jobs in the design and technology field, and much more! We are currently working on putting together a resume workshop on entertainment resumes.

  • President Maile Varian: We recently went to Sea World and were able to tour the Halloween mazes both with show lighting on and then again under the work lights to explore how they were put together. Open to all students at SDSU who are interested in the design and technology side of the entertainment industry.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.