Meet Haley Bishop, SDSU Alumna and Actress in Shudder’s “Host”

October 9, 2020

School of Theatre, Television, and Film alumna Haley Bishop graduated from SDSU in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Performance. Since then, Bishop has written, produced, and starred in short films and TV shows, and is now one of the lead actors in Shudder’s newest horror film “Host.” Bishop received her Master’s Degree for Acting on Screen from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England where she currently resides. 

Her newest film “Host” was shot during the UK’s lockdown over the course of 12 weeks, and filmed remotely from each of the actors' homes as the movie takes place over Zoom. Since the film’s release on Shudder, Bishop says it’s received great responses from audiences and is set to have a full cinema release in the UK this December. 

Bishop says she enjoyed filming “Host” as she got to perform a stunt for the first time, and worked with friend Rob Savage, director of the film, whom she first worked with at the Royal Central School in London. 

Bishop was exposed to the music and performance scene from a young age as her parents were both musicians. She performed in musicals and always knew she wanted to be a performer of some sort, and thought she would move to Nashville to become a country singer. However, when she enrolled at SDSU and took an introduction to theatre class, she became interested in theatre performance which ultimately led her to acting. 

Bishop says all the teachers she had within the School of Theatre, Television, and Film were incredible, but there are a few in particular who she is especially thankful for. 

“They’ve retired now, but Margaret and Peter Larlham were some of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had,” Bishop said. 

Theatre, Television, and Film Professor Randy Reinholz was another influential person in Bishop’s life.  

Reinholz introduced Bishop to film acting as she was enrolled in his acting for screen class her senior year. Reinholz also encouraged Bishop and her friends to move to Los Angeles after school. 

“Randy Reinholz and Peter and Margaret Larlham really gave me that initial push and really believed in me,” Bishop said. 

When thinking about the School of Theatre, Television, and Film’s impact overall, Bishop says the school allowed her to meet people who she still stays in contact with today.

“I’m still very close with a lot of the people I went to school with,” Bishop said. “There was very little ego within the theatre department which is rare I think, especially among actors.” 

The support system and connections she made with her theatre friends was another take away from her time at SDSU.

“A lot of the people I went to school with within the theatre department, we all moved to LA together, so there was a big support system there,” Bishop said. “There was a lot of bonding that happened, everyday you’d just walk around giving each other hugs, and [be] excited to see someone on stage.”  

Bishop continues to carry her appreciation for the school with her. When she booked “Host,” she emailed her professors and the alumni association to thank them for helping her since the beginning. 

As for her upcoming projects, Bishop teased of a read-through she has with a TV series and her involvement with writing and producing for a future short film and show. 

Looking forward, Bishop says she’d like to star in an action or superhero movie, especially after getting to perform a stunt on “Host,” or create her own show or film. 

“Because I also write and produce, I would want to eventually create my own show, or at least create my own film, and have more of a hand in creating these characters that I want to play,” Bishop said. 

Bishop says she’s working to “figure out that world as well.” 

“Host” can be watched on the horror, thriller and suspense streaming service Shudder, to watch the trailer for “Host” visit the link here

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.