Blog: Journalism and Media Studies Student Interns in Cambodia

September 4, 2019

On May 26, I departed from the Los Angeles International Airport with my sights set on Phnom Penh, Cambodia, exactly 18 hours and 25 minutes away.

I am a senior majoring in Journalism and Media Studies with an emphasis in public relations here at SDSU. In the spring of 2019, I was selected to receive a scholarship through the College of Arts and Letters Mundt Peace Fellowship so that I could volunteer as an unpaid intern for the non-governmental organization, Legal Aid of Cambodia (LAC). While in the country, I spent roughly 35 hours a week working on media and marketing projects for LAC and the Mundt Peace Fellowship program. When I wasn’t at the LAC office, I was touring the countryside with the other eight students that traveled with me in the program.

We were part of the first cohort and I was the only journalism major to participate. It is my hope that the College of Arts and Letters awards two scholarships to journalism students next year. It is a remarkable program, opportunity and country to be an international student and journalist in.

Legal Aid of Cambodia is a long-standing, professional, credible and welcoming workplace that is in need of more journalism student-interns right now. Not only will the NGOs you work for benefit, but you will too. I received professional international experience that allowed me to use the skills I’ve gained at SDSU and my abilities to adapt to my organization’s needs. While at LAC, I worked alongside local Cambodian staff and other international students from Canada, the USA and Australia. This eclectic workplace made for many global discussions and perspectives.

LAC is expecting more student journalists from SDSU to follow in my footsteps. The organization has a variety of media equipment and hopes to create multiple documentary films in 2020. The goal is to expand its website content and engage its local population with greater success. I believe that there can be a strong international relationship between SDSU’s School of JMS and LAC in Cambodia if future competent students pursue the opportunity.

The PSFA International Studies Minor is open to SDSU students from all majors. Students in the minor will engage in study abroad activities and relevant coursework. During the program, students will become familiar with foreign cultures and the cultural interaction and global negotiation skills necessary to succeed in the age of globalization. The minor will enhance students’ career opportunities in the global marketplace. For more information visit PSFA International Studies.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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