Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Professional Studies and Fine Arts

The SDSU College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts is ready to help you push the limits of imagination and become a leader in your field. Want to know more? Check out this video.


Arts Alive

Arts Alive SDSU is dedicated to providing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff at San Diego State University to engage in the arts as an integral part of a comprehensive education that promotes creative research, interdisciplinary collaboration, professional innovation, and personal enrichment on campus and in the community.

One of the most powerful educational, professional and personal experiences is study abroad. International Programs at the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts is committed to promoting International opportunities that result in positive academic, personal and professional growth.

Our mission is to increase our number of students, faculty and staff who have international experience by creating a path and reducing barriers to the overseas experience. We provide outreach, service, and support to students, faculty and staff seeking international opportunities.

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PSFA places a high priority on enabling students to have access to academically related internship opportunities. Every school in the College has a dedicated internship coordinator who works with students and community organizations to ensure that quality internship experiences are available.

The College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts focuses on the link between the classroom and careers in our community. Projects for the Public Good extends that thinking and illustrates how the research and creative endeavors of our faculty, students, and alumni directly impacts the lives of those who live and work in the community.

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