photo of Roger Caves

Dr. Roger Caves


Phone: 619-594-6472
Office: PSFA 121

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photo of Shawn Flanigan

Dr. Shawn Flanigan


Phone: 619-594-4339
Office: PSFA 162

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photo of Stuart Henry

Dr. Stuart Henry


Phone: 619-594-5037
Office: PSFA 161

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photo of Larry Herzog

Dr. Larry Herzog


Phone: 619-594-6964
Office: PSFA 111

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photo of Paul Kaplan

Dr. Paul Kaplan


Phone: 619-594-2350
Office: PSFA 181

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photo of Darell L. Pugh

Dr. Darell Pugh


Phone: 619-594-4546
Office: PSFA 170

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photo of Sherry Ryan

Dr. Sherry Ryan

Director, Professor

Phone: 619-594-4355
Office: PSFA 101D

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Associate Professors

photo of Mounah Abdel-Samad

Dr. Mounah Abdel-Samad

Associate Professor

Phone: 619-594-4724
Office: PSFA 175

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photo of Bruce Appleyard

Dr. Bruce Appleyard

Associate Professor

Phone: 619-594-1180
Office: PSFA 117

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photo of Joshua Chanin

Dr. Joshua Chanin

Associate Professor

Phone: 619-594-1948
Office: PSFA 159

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photo of Roddrick Colvin

Dr. Roddrick Colvin

Associate Professor

Phone: 619-594-2880
Office: PSFA 178

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photo of Salvador Espinosa

Dr. Salvador Espinosa

Associate Professor

Phone: 619-594-5880
Office: PSFA 173

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photo of Jeffrey McIllwain

Dr. Jeffrey McIllwain

Associate Professor

Phone: 619-594-3876
Office: PSFA 179

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photo of Alan Mobley

Dr. Alan Mobley

Associate Professor

Phone: 619-594-2596
Office: PSFA 160A

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photo of Dana Nurge

Dr. Dana Nurge

Associate Professor

Phone: 619-594-6877
Office: PSFA 109

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Assistant Professors

photo of Michael Braun

Dr. Michael Braun

Assistant Professor
Office: Imperial Valley Campus

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photo of Esperanza Camargo

Dr. Esperanza Camargo

Assistant Professor
Office: PSFA 172

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photo of David Jancsics

Dr. David Jancsics

Assistant Professor

Phone: 760-768-5659
Office: Imperial Valley Campus

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photo of David Kanaan

Dr. David Kanaan

Assistant Professor

Phone: 760-768-5577
Office: Imperial Valley Campus

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photo of Anna Kim

Dr. Anna Kim

Assistant Professor

Phone: 619-594-2198
Office: PSFA 157

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photo of Megan Welsh

Dr. Megan Welsh

Assistant Professor

Phone: 619 594 1626
Office: PSFA 155

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