Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Professional Studies and Fine Arts

2015 - 2016 Civil Core members standing as a group in the park

PSFA Civil Core

The PSFA Civil Core is the official volunteer service organization of the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. Members of the Civil Core are entrusted to:

    Exercise leadership through service
    Create a campus community sustained by kindness
    Support the College of PSFA in campus-wide activities
    Offer opportunities for professional and personal growth

Civil Core fosters a caring community by modeling and recognizing positive behaviors, cultivating an attitude of kindness by hosting service-based and social activities, acknowledging and supporting the contributions of faculty, staff, and students, and serving as a reliable resource to support campus events such as Convocation, Explore SDSU, Commencement, and Relay for Life.

Kindness is key for Civil Core, a theme reinforced through its “SDSU Be Civil Pass It On” bracelet-sharing campaign initiated in 2011. The campaign has been replicated by San Diego’s Mesa College and the national League of Women Voters. Civil Core’s annual Spring “Eggstravaganza” invites random acts of kindness from within the SDSU community.

Civil Core members serve as student role models and are held to a high academic standard (3.0 or higher GPA). They embody the spirit of leadership, service, and civility.

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