Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Professional Studies and Fine Arts

— PSFA Heroes —
Week of April 27, 2020

photo of Jay Sheehan

Jay Sheehan

Faculty Production Manager

Nominated by Gene Lamke

Gene is currently teaching a class in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management on Sporting Event and Festival Management. He reached out to Jay Sheehan, Stage and Production Manager for the School of Theatre, Television, and Film. Jay is also a production manager of musical events in California. Jay agreed to offer a ZOOM guest lecture for Gene’s students on music festivals as well as halftime shows at major sporting events (Super Bowl). He invited two of his professional stage manager colleagues to join him. The class was fantastic! Gene wants everyone to know that “people helping people” and “being in this together” was very evident as Jay and his colleagues took the time to share their experiences with Gene’s class. Real world information and advice from practicing professionals was and is invaluable.

photo of Aletia Prevo

Aletia Prevo

Administrative Coordinator

Nominated by Heather Canary

Aletia makes extra efforts to keep our Federal Work Study students engaged with SDSU work and professional development opportunities as they work remotely. She connects them with CSU webinar training opportunities and has connected them with faculty to help with research and service tasks that keep them connected to SDSU beyond class work. She constantly monitors announcements and informational items so our faculty, staff, and graduate students have the latest administrative information for reducing uncertainty and accomplishing their jobs.

photo of Shirley Valencia Gutierrez

Shirley Valencia Gutierrez

Student Services Coordinator

Nominated by Scott Lipscomb

As Student Services Coordinator for the School of Music and Dance, Shirley has been a strong advocate for their students. She cares deeply about the students and has continued to assist them in fulfilling their needs, despite the telework challenges. She co-hosts (with the school director) a weekly, one-hour Zoom ‘open forum’ for students to express their concerns or get answers to their questions. She consistently serves the needs of the students, and also takes great care of faculty and other staff.

photo of Desiree Warren

Desiree Warren

Administrative Assistant

Nominated by Carl Winston

Des is the HTM receptionist and literally EXUDES hospitality, acting as a role model for their students. Recently she resumed this role virtually, setting up “drop in hours where students can make appointments, ask questions, meet advisors, etc.

Last week she spent 7 hours in one day for dozens of students doing mock interviews with HR professionals in breakout rooms. She made it feel like a REAL event!

Group Nominations

Melanie Dumont

Financial Coordinator

Angie Parkhurst

TTF Coordinator

Nominated by Niyi Coker, Jr.

The panic that ensued at the outbreak of COVID 19 left several TTF students totally confused. Angie Parkhurst and Melanie Dumont became instant counselors and mothers to weary and confused students. As a team, they ensured that students were reimbursed in a timely manner for creative projects they had expended their resources on. In the weeks that have followed Melanie and Angie have spent countless hours addressing School-related financial crises among TTF student workers, graduate and teaching assistants. We are all grateful for their empathy and tenacity in ensuring that students needs are front and center.

School of Art + Design Staff

Nominated by Annie Buckley

I nominate the entire staff of Art + Design: Kim Elliot, Mara Parker, Micki Carlson, Chantel Paul, Jim Cavolt, Tom Fox, and Josh Willis because each one has consistently gone above and beyond to support students and faculty since the shift to virtual, all while staying calm, flexible, and positive! Annie Buckley offers a special shout out to Josh Willis, who not only assisted with all the complex technology needs in Art + Design but also took on new responsibilities in the College as one of PSFA’s 7 essential workers. We are all so grateful to work with this supportive and creative team!