Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Social Inclusion and Sustainability Innovations in Slovenia and Croatia

Program Dates

Students will directly engage in specific ecological, social, and economic sustainability initiatives, including green innovation, rural community empowerment, social inclusion, and social sustainability innovation.

Department Contact

Dr. Vinod Sasidharan


While exploring the beautiful countries of Slovenia and Croatia in eastern Europe, students will participate in hands-on community- based learning focusing on the intersection of sustainable development, green innovations, and social inclusion. Visits include coastal, alpine, and hinterland communities and students will undertake coursework and service-learning activities relating to sustainable development for improving the quality of life of Slovenia’s underrepresented/marginalized rural populations and underserved ethno-cultural regions. Students will gain exposure to multidisciplinary approaches to social sustainability innovations, including business, ecology, economics, education, gender studies, health, politics, sociology, tourism and hospitality, and more.

Slovenia informational meetings:
March 9th at 2:00 PM All meetings will be held in:
PSFA Annex (next to the Music & Dance building)
Building 102A - Conference room

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