A New Frontier in Outreach

"This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before."

- Leonard Bernstein

Our Mission

Heartpower Performances of the SDSU Adams’ Project Performers Network provides career training and opportunities for music majors at San Diego State University while offering concerts and classes to various at-risk organizations that serve youth, the mentally ill, those in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, those recovering from child abuse, and any other segment of the population that normally is not served by other music organizations.

Some of the venues for Heartpower Performances include:

  • Alzheimer's Facilities
  • Centers for Abused Children
  • Children's Hospital
  • Foster Child Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Juvenile Deliquency Venue



Community Outreach Practicum

Community Outreach Practicum, Music 518 is a 2-unit seminar for upper division and graduate level performers that meets in the Spring semester. This course looks at the ways that performers can create compelling programming for at-risk audiences such as those in the foster system, the juvenile justice system, drug and alcohol rehab, or any other setting where healing and growth are intended to occur. Community partners are invited in to familiarize students with the particular issues facing a certain population and how music programming can be of support to those in need. Students are also taught to seek funding sources for such programming through grant-writing and other development activities. During this course, students will perform a minimum of two outreach events for two different populations.



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About the Director

In a 28 year career, Dr. Marian Liebowitz has achieved international credentials as an executive director, a professor, a consultant, and a classical clarinetist. Her dedication to the training and promotion of emerging performers gives SDSU School of Music and Dance unique curricular offerings and programs to bring music to the community. Her philosophy is that entrepreneurial mentorship turns superior musicians into viable professionals.

Dr. Liebowitz created Heartpower Performances in 2009 in order to send musicians into venues with at-risk audiences such as the juvenile justice system, providing an additional 150 concerts and classes to the community annually. Her workshop “Frontiers in Outreach” given at the Chamber Music America Annual Convention in 2010, introduced these ideas to a broader international audience. Dr. Liebowitz developed Professional Orientation for Performers (Music 515) in the early 90’s. In this seminar many aspects of arts administration are taught including non-profit management, organizational budgeting, staffing, grant-writing, board development, fund-raising, contracts, marketing, website development, and press releases.

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