Associate/Assistant Professors

Associate Professors

photo of Dr. Yea-Wen Chen

Dr. Yea-Wen Chen

Associate Professor

Office: COM-202

More about Yea-Wen Chen
photo of Dr. Lourdes Martinez

Dr. Lourdes Martinez

Associate Professor

Office: COMM 220

More about Lourdes Martinez
photo of Dr. Rachael Record

Dr. Rachael Record

Associate Professor


Office: COMM-201

More about Rachael Record
photo of Dr. Luke Winslow

Dr. Luke Winslow

Associate Professor

Office: COM-244

More about Luke Winslow

Assistant Professors

photo of Dr. Tiffany Dykstra-Devette

Dr. Tiffany Dykstra-Devette

Assistant Professor


Office: COM-203

More about Tiffany Dykstra-Devette
photo of Dr. Charles Goehring

Dr. Charles Goehring

Assistant Professor

Office: COM-222

More about Charles Goehring
photo of Dr. Colter Ray

Dr. Colter Ray

Assistant Professor

Office: COM-225

More about Colter Ray
photo of Matthew Savage

Dr. Matthew Savage

Assistant Professor


More about Matthew Savage


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