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Theatre Twins Shine On-Stage, Supporting Each Other Behind the Scenes

Students Drake and Devin Robbins contribute double the talent to SDSU’s theatre arts program and mentor each other as brothers pursuing the same major

Theatre Twins Shine On-Stage, Supporting Each Other Behind the Scenes

Drake (left) and Devin (right) Robbins

by Gabriela Romero

April 1, 2021

It’s not often that twins specialize in the same major, but Drake and Devin Robbins make their own unique marks on the School of Theatre, Television, and Film.

The Robbins twins are graduating spring ‘21, but their passion for theatre ignited when they were children.

Devin says, “I knew I wanted to pursue this pretty early on as I would act in middle and high school … in college I connected to [theatre arts] on a more personal level, and it became something more therapeutic, as I realized it was a discipline on the study of human nature.”

Meanwhile, Drake reflects, “Our older brother graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts when he attended San Diego State University, and I wanted to do the same. I was inspired by seeing my older brother act in shows, and my passion for acting grew more as I began taking classes in middle school.”

The Robbins twins have taken their theatre careers seriously as they earn theatre arts undergraduate degrees at SDSU. Sometimes they audition for the same roles and other times, they trailblaze in their own spotlights.

Drake notes, “my favorite production that I have been in was SDSU’s production of Dog Sees God, Bert V. Royal. It was such a comedic and heart-wrenching show that I felt I really connected to.”

Devin says, “She Kills Monsters, by Qui Nguyen, is probably my favorite project I had the opportunity to be a part of; that and a thesis film in which I got to work on a close-to-real filming set.”

Theatre Professor Randy Reinholz works closely with both Devin and Draks and, reflects on their uniqueness, “Devin is cerebral, fun-loving, and a team player,” while, “Drake is effortless, charming, deeply considerate, and joyful.”

Similarly, Reinholz continues, they “embrace what is unique about themselves as they also capitalize on what they have in common and work together toward bigger goals. Other students observe how they work together and have a deeper understanding of what an ensemble of artists can achieve.”

Drake touches on the ways they support each other. I always support Devin in any production he’s in or with any class assignments he’s doing. Anytime he needs help for a scene, or monologue, or script, I help out in the best way that I can. We also perform for each other and show each other what we’ve been working on. We love each other, but we make sure to give honest feedback and constructive criticism.”

Drake notes that when auditioning for the same role, their brotherly dynamic becomes a friendly and challenging competition, “especially since [Devin] is my twin; I wanna make sure that the directors don’t see the same performance twice during an audition.”

Devin says, “I sometimes like being alone, I never like feeling alone. Although Drake and I may sometimes have conflicting schedules, and we can’t always be there for each other in person, we are always there for each other in heart and spirit, and always available to talk no matter what.”

The Robbins brothers exemplify their support behind the scenes and sit in theatre seats at each other’s shows.

It’s always funny coming to pick Devin up after he finishes a show. The audience walking outside congratulate and praise me because they think I’m him! I accept the compliments of course,” Drake jokes.

Coming up next at the School of Theatre, Television and Film is “She Kills Monsters,” by Qui Nguyen, directed by Peter Cirino running April 22 - 25, 2021.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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