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Students Awarded 52K to Create Curriculum Enhancing Programs

Prominent artists and designers to educate and inspire activism through art

Students Awarded 52K to Create Curriculum Enhancing Programs

Four students from the School of Art + Design were awarded over 52 thousand dollars in Student Success Fee funds to create academic-related programs in their fields of study. The student awardees include Jones von Jonestein (Sculpture), Katrina St. Aubin (Applied Design), Leslie Shershow (Jewelry & Metalwork), and Kelly Temple (Jewelry & Metalwork).

The Student Success Fee (SSF) is a recurring enrollment fee of which a portion is dedicated to fund expanded academic-related programs. Academic Related Programs (ARP) are student-led endeavors designed to enrich educational experience outside of students’ scheduled courses. Students take the lead on creating and managing ARPs with a faculty member, staff, or campus administrator serving in a supporting role.

Following is a summary of the 2018 School of Art + Design Student Success Fee ARPs:

Perspective Lecture Series
Student: Jones von Jonestein
Subject: Sculpture

The Perspectives Lecture Series will bring five internationally-known, prominent artists and sculptors to campus this spring to meet with graduate students for critiques as well as to lead a performance workshop or demonstration. The visiting artists include Roxanne Jackson, Roberto Lugo, James Luna, and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. Each artist will be invited to campus for two days.

In addition to their creative work, all five speakers are passionately involved in activism, performance, and community engagement, taking on various issues including women and LGBTQIA, Chicano and Native American concerns, criminal justice, dance, and athletics. The Perspective Lecture Series will be open to the public as well as to SDSU students and faculty, and is anticipated to have broad, cross-campus appeal

Guerilla Girls: Activism and Art Through a Feminist Lens
Student: Katrina St. Aubin
Subject: Art Activism

Guerilla Girls: Activism and Art Through a Feminist Lens is a three-part event consisting of a multi-media performance, a lecture and Q & A, and a 30-person workshop in which students will produce their own activism-driven artwork. The performance and lecture will be open to the public and the workshop will be for students only.

All events will be led by Guerilla Girls, a collective of anonymous female artists who embody what it means to a be feminists, activists and artists. The Guerilla Girls use their art activism to demand change in the world and society advocating for the inclusion of women artists of color, and LGBTQIA artists in major museums worldwide.

Guerilla Girls: Activism and Art Through a Feminist Lens is expected to have broad appeal to students and faculty interested in issues related to women, LGBTQIA, people of color, veterans, and social justice.

SDSU’s 3D Design Symposium
Student: Leslie Shershow and Kelly Temple
Subject: 3D Art and Design

SDSU’s 3D Design Symposium is a weeklong series of lectures, workshops, and individual critiques from prominent 3D art and design professionals. Series speakers come from a wide variety of professions including museum curating, art and design criticism, and visual communication, as well as a contemporary sculptor, and a 3D artist working in craft materials.

Some of the Symposium’s most notable presenters include Dutch editorial and visual communication experts, Current Obsession, Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture & Design at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, Paola Antonelli, and Chicago artist, Barbara Cooper.

SDSU’s 3D Design Symposium is open to all SDSU students and faculty campus-wide and is expected to be of most interest to those interested in learning about professional practices in the three-dimensional art and design field.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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