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Student Project Supports Women Experiencing Homelessness

Service learning class creates an event to help a local charity provide free feminine products to women experiencing homelessness

Student Project Supports Women Experiencing Homelessness

By Sofia Bert

February 22, 2019

Students in the Health Communication and Service Learning Class, COMM 421, had a unique opportunity to not only learn about health communication but make an impact in their community by organizing a 5K for a local charity.

Led by Dr. Rachael Record, professor in the School of Communication, the class partnered with local charity, Fulfilling Destiny, which began in 2017 and was founded by SDSU School of Communication alumna Eya Touglo. Touglo’s charity works to provide empowerment and support to women who are experiencing homelessness by giving them free feminine products.

According to Record, the service learning style class is very different from a traditional classroom style.

“A service learning class allows students to see the potential they have in using their education to give back to their community,” said Record.

This class style resonated very well with the fourteen students who were enrolled. Record said that the outcome of the course led to four donation drives on campus, 14 event sponsors, fundraised over $3,000 and collected hundreds of boxes of feminine products.

“The sooner we, as individuals, realize the impact we can – and do – have on our community, the sooner we’re able to actively care about that impact being a positive one,” said Record.


The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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