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Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Student and Faculty Art Transforms Communities and Public Space

Student and Faculty Art Transforms Communities and Public Space

January 25, 2018

Sage Project Murals in Lemon Grove

Students from the School Art + Design’s Environmental Graphic Design course, Professor Chris McCampbell, and more than a dozen community members gathered in Lemon Grove this past November to complete the Lemon Grove Breezeway Mural Project, the second in a series of murals designed and painted by Art + Design students from San Diego State University.

The mural, located on Lester Street near Broadway in Lemon Grove, is part of the University’s Sage Project, a partnership with the City of Lemon Grove. Students designed the murals during the 2016-17 academic year to help beautify the area, to curb graffiti, and to foster community engagement.

The city of Lemon Grove is currently reviewing more locations for the six remaining mural designs created by the class.

Cross-Border Mural Project by Students of AIGA

This past fall, the SDSU chapter of the American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA) created an inclusive mural painting experience for disabled students as part of the organization’s Design for Social Good initiative.

AIGA student members, along with faculty advisors, Scott Wyss and Patricia Cue, descended on the Cuauhtemoc Elementary School in Tijuana with painting supplies and a plan to create an inclusive art experience for the school’s blind and partially-sighted students. One of the ways they did this was by creating pre-cut cardboard stencils that allowed the visually impaired students the ability to feel the edge of the stenciled artwork on the painted wall. This tactile experience gave each student the confidence to then paint the mural.

Joined by family members and teachers, the mural project displayed the students’ capabilities, and instilled in them a sense of accomplishment, ownership, and pride.

San Diego International Airport Mural

Eva Struble, associate professor of painting and printmaking, has been chosen to create a mural at the San Diego International Airport. The public mural, measuring 144’ wide by 6’ tall, will be located on Admiral Boland Way between Sassafras and Palm Streets. It is set to be installed late January or early February, 2018.

Struble’s mural will be printed on vinyl, attached to aluminum sheeting, and installed at the location. The mural will be a combination of works previously created by Professor Struble with added digital collage elements representing endangered local species of plants and animals in the San Diego region.

Creating artwork on such a large scale was an interesting and exciting challenge for Struble. “The project is teaching me a different type of ideation” said Struble. “I am needing to imagine the project from a moving vehicle, from a plane taxiing in the distance, and also at a human scale.”

San Diego International Airport has been a longtime supporter of public art with ongoing exhibitions located throughout the airport facilities and in the surrounding infrastructure. The Temporary Exhibitions Program, of which Struble’s mural is a part, supports the airport’s mission of serving as a gateway to the region by showcasing the work of regional visual artists, cultural institutions, educational organizations, and community groups.

Struble’s mural will remain in display until January 2019.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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