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SDSU School of Art + Design Students to Launch Exhibition in Amsterdam

Student Success Fee funds awarded to Jewelry and Metalsmithing students will fund display work at well-known gallery

SDSU School of Art + Design Students to Launch Exhibition in Amsterdam

By Mara Parker

February 8, 2019

A group of jewelry and metalsmithing graduate students and their professors from SDSU’s School of Art + Design are going to Amsterdam this spring thanks to Student Success Fee funds. Rachel Ness, Jennifer Hanson, Katherine Nicks, Misaki Sano, Leslie Shershow, Kelly Temple, Xiaoyu Zheng, and professors, Sondra Sherman and Kerianne Quick, will depart this coming March to exhibit their work at the world-renowned art jewelry gallery, Galerie Marzee, in Amsterdam, Holland.

First opened in 1978 as a small jewelry shop, Galerie Marzee (pronounced Mar-ZAY) has become what many say is now the world’s largest and most influential gallery for handcrafted contemporary art jewelry. Many Jewelry pieces on display at the Galerie at any given time are from well-known artists whose work commands several thousand dollars per piece.

In addition to exhibiting their work alongside illustrious, international artists, the group of SDSU students will conduct installation and hold interviews with prominent Dutch design professionals within their field. They will also visit world-renowned museum collections and institutions such as the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk, and Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

The students plan to document the entire project in an online travelogue which will provide a permanent, accessible, marketable resource for the SDSU community.

Rachel Ness, jewelry and metalwork MFA candidate and the student leader of the project, sees the travelogue as a valuable vehicle for students to process gain insight from their experiences and then share them with others. “The travelogue will provide engaging, relatable content for students interested in study abroad or cultural exchange,” said Ness. “It will also serve to share international trends as well as strategies and lessons learned.”

Travel abroad can be expensive which makes opportunities like the invitation to exhibit at Galerie Marzee impossible for many students. Student Success Fee funds will make this trip possible by covering nearly all travel expenses for the entire group.

Ness expects to see a healthy return on investment. “This is a really incredible opportunity for us,” said Ness. “The exhibition events at Galerie Marzee are highly promoted and garner lots of attention in the international field. It will allow us to personally present our work to international collectors, curators, and artists providing an opportunity to network that is critical to our success in our professional field.”

The Jewelry and Metalwork Program at SDSU’s School of Art and Design is ranked within the top five US programs of its kind by US News and World Report.

Special thank you to Joyce Axelrod who provided supplemental funding for this program.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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