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SDSU School of Art + Design Professor to Present at Prestigious Ceramics Event

Richard Burkett will appear as a key presenter at the 2019 Alabama Clay Conference

SDSU School of Art + Design Professor to Present at Prestigious Ceramics Event

By Mara Parker

Richard Burkett, Professor of Ceramics at San Diego State University’s School of Art + Design, will appear as a key presenter at the 2019 Alabama Clay Conference, February 21-24 in Jacksonville, AL

This will Burkett’s first time presenting at this national conference where he will discuss thrown, altered, and extruded clay forms alongside three additional presenters, all representing the top of the field in their respective approaches to working with clay. Burkett’s art will also be showcased at a Presenters’ Exhibition at Jacksonville State University, in Jacksonville, AL.

Celebrating its 34th year, the Alabama Clay Conference is an initiative of the Alabama Craft Council which serves practitioners and students of the ceramic arts. The conference celebrates and promotes the unique flavor of ceramics in Alabama by offering a balance of exhibition and educational programs intended to increase professionalism, inform technique, and inspire artistic expression of all participants.

For 25 years, Richard Burkett has taught all levels of ceramics with a focus on soda firing, glazes, and vessel forms – both functional and sculptural. He received the B.A. degree in Art from Lawrence University, and the M.F.A. degree in both ceramics and photography from Indiana University in 1986. From 1973 to 1983 he ran the Wild Rose Pottery in Bainbridge, Indiana.

Richard Burkett has traveled extensively in Ecuador many times over the last 20 years with Joe Molinaro of Eastern Kentucky University, researching and photographing Ecuadorian potters and documenting indigenous pottery cultures in the Amazon basin. He recently designed and co-authored a book on Ecuadorian Kichwa pottery with Joe Molinaro, Mythical Figures & Mucawas: Ceramics from the Ecuadorian Amazon. One of the first ceramists to make extensive use of computers and the Internet, Burkett has lectured internationally on ceramics and the Internet at events in Stockholm, Sweden; Eskeshihir, Turkey; and Helsinki, Finland. He has traveled to Jingdezhen, China to study porcelain making in this city near the original source of porcelain clays. He is the author of HyperGlaze, educational glaze calculation software for artists, and the co-author of the sixth edition of Ceramics: A Potter’s Handbook, one of the most widely used ceramics textbooks. He also selected an international group of forty porcelain artists and wrote essays for the Lark book Porcelain Masters: major works by leading artists.

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