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PSFA Student Highlight: Raphael Sanvictores

As we enter the fall ‘21 semester, the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts wants to know how students are adjusting. Read how Army ROTC’s Raphael Sanvictores reflects on a new and very different school year.

PSFA Student Highlight: Raphael Sanvictores

Raphael Sanvictores

by Gabriela Romero

September 27, 2021

1. How has your perspective on in-person learning changed since the pandemic began?

While online learning did provide certain perks to it, nothing can replace the academic environment of physically being present in-class with a professor and learning first-hand from them in person.

2. What did online learning teach you about your learning style and time management?

Online learning taught me a valuable lesson of individual discipline and the necessity of proper time management. While the advantages of being able to make my own schedule and not having to commute to campus were amazing bonuses, it required a great level of individual discipline to complete the coursework required without the professor always being there to ask questions. I learned how to be resourceful, utilizing all the tools professors had to offer in an online environment such as lectures on Khan Academy, tutoring videos on YouTube, and utilizing the online tutoring services SDSU has to offer. Managing my time was a large responsibility that required consistent guidance. Tools such as Google Calendar and Canvas’ Dashboard feature ensured my success in meeting deadlines and arriving on time to Zoom lectures.

3. What is your favorite part about being on campus for classes?

My favorite part about being on campus for classes is the ability to network with people, ask the professor questions in a more open environment, and being able to utilize the tools and support offered at the SDSU campus.

4. What has been the biggest challenge or adjustment you have experienced this fall?

The biggest adjustment I experienced this fall is not being able to casually surf on a weekday morning and instead wake up early to ensure I am not stuck in traffic for my commute to campus. However, on a more serious note, the biggest challenge I have been faced with is relearning how to go about school in an in-person environment. Where I once was able to create my own schedule online thanks to asynchronous courses, now I must abide by a stricter form of schedule. Though it is not as cool as surfing then going to my 8 am lecture, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn in person again and network with other students.

5. How are you setting yourself up for success this school year? What resources or techniques are you using?

In order to set myself up for success this school year, I have made sure to keep doing what works best for me such as taking good notes, being active in class, asking questions, attending office hours, and overall being an attentive student.

6. What are the perks of your school schedule?

The perks of my school schedule are that I can go about school while still being active in the Army ROTC Program and still have time to surf on the weekends. Having the ability to do the things I love while attending school and pursuing my Army career is constructive towards my future, and I still get to have fun in the ocean.

7. What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is Storm Hall. With all the services it has to offer with a great view, it’s hard to beat the sunset in San Diego while drinking a tall dark roast from Starbucks.

8. Do you have any faculty you would like to shout out for going above and beyond to make your online or in-person experience especially valuable?

I once had a great mentor by the name of CPT Savage. I accredit a lot of my growth and learning to him during the online learning phase at SDSU. As a leader and mentor, he went to great lengths to not only ensure my success, but the success of my peers, and instilling in us the importance of being a good leader in an organization. To this day, I still carry the lessons learned close to my heart and pass down my shared knowledge to the underclassmen in my ROTC program. I hope to one day let him know of all the great things I was able to do because of his steadfast guidance.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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