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PSFA Motivation: Launch your Successful Semester Q+A (Lionel Avila)

Check out Lionel Avila's (School of Music and Dance Artist Diploma second year graduate student) motivational ideas to launch a successful semester.

PSFA Motivation: Launch your Successful Semester Q+A (Lionel Avila)

Lionel Avila

by Aleah Jarin and Gabriela Romero

February 4, 2021

Q1: What gets you through the day?

“I’m a private music teacher, so being able to teach my students helps me get through my day. Though teaching online is not ideal, it’s encouraging and validating that all my students are still motivated to keep learning which motivates me to keep teaching.”

Q2: If you had a motivational toolkit, what would be your favorite tool?

“My favorite motivational tool that I’ve learned is to ‘act according to your values.’ Especially right now where there are a lot of unknowns, those [values] helped me make some steps in the right direction.”

Q3: What are you grateful for?

“I am grateful to still have my job and even still be growing and thriving during the pandemic. I am grateful that I can easily reach out to my closest friends and still keep meaningful connections from a distance. I am grateful to know that the people I know are all staying safe and healthy.”

Q4: What piece of advice is your go-to?

“I tend to have a lot of nervous habits and those habits became heightened since the pandemic began. The one main piece of advice that I go to is to simply breathe.”

Q5: How do you stay mentally healthy?

“For one, I do have my cat, Mochi, who keeps me calm. Through Facetime, I have been keeping connected with my close friend, and have reached out to old friends that I haven’t talked much with before quarantine. I also enjoy making music on my flute.”

Q6: How do you stay resilient?

“I would say just being completely honest with myself. I think it’s safe to say that many—if not all—of us are having a difficult time in this situation. Some days will be easier and other days will be harder. Some days will go by quickly and most others will feel endless. I can be productive when I need to, but when it gets to a point where I’m feeling overwhelmed or just can’t function, I will take the breaks when it’s needed. Especially now, I give myself the permission to take the time I need to get something done.”

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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