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Outstanding Graduate: Gabriella Esparza, School of Public Affairs

Named School of Public Affairs Outstanding Graduate

Outstanding Graduate: Gabriella Esparza, School of Public Affairs

Gabriella Esparza

by Aleah Jarin

May 17, 2021

Public administration graduate Gabriella Esparza takes pride in the standards she set for herself and the academic decisions she’s made which have worked in her favor.

Esparza has always been interested in education and “the power it holds over personal growth and opportunity.”

“My career goals concern increasing all kinds of education access to students within the community. Education related to every aspect of students’ lives, not solely related to academics. There are obvious gaps in what students are taught, and I want to be a force towards closing those gaps by expanding knowledge and access in every area of a student’s life,” Esparza says.

Her experience in her major has contributed to the development of her career goals by allowing her to gain a better understanding of the many issues in public affairs.

“Insight into the administrative level of program implementation was critical given the change I want to advocate for in the future. Overall, my major courses provided clarity on one idea: enduring positive change hinges on addressing the root of a problem as best as one is capable.”

While at SDSU, Esparza also interned with the United States Department of Agriculture where she had the opportunity to develop professionally under the supervision of USDA-HSI Liaison and Regional Director Roberto Gonzalez Jr.

“I learned about my community offerings and the inner workings of establishing connections. The power of partnerships was also heavily emphasized … great focus was also placed on post-secondary education and the value it holds towards creating economic and professional value.”

Regarding the future of the 2021 graduating class, Esparza says she hopes people find their happiness and advises future students to “take stock of the resources and offerings SDSU provides.

“The college experience is what you make of it … not everyone’s circumstances or background is equivalent; however, SDSU offers many services to provide for students of all kinds. This is a period of time specifically for your benefit. Take the path you want.”

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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