Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Professional Studies and Fine Arts

New Labs Enhance Student Learning Experience

New Labs Enhance Student Learning Experience

The School of Art + Design and the School of Journalism and Media Studies have both created new student labs using state of the art technology and design equipment. Both labs will have a direct, and positive, impact on the student learning experience.

Roland brand CNC router

FabLab, School of Art + Design

This summer, the School of Art + Design began work on the FabLab, a new digital fabrication center for students.

The new hands-on creative space will feature a range of technologies including industrial CNC routers, a digital vinyl cutter, desktop waterjet cutters, laser cutters, digital machinist equipment, and a variety of 3D printing options.

The FabLab supports technologies that are crucial to any 21st century art and design education. Paired with an already strong, traditional education in art making and production, this new space will add another critical tool to a student’s growing toolbox.

Digital Media Labs, School of Journalism and Media Studies

Located in the third floor of the PSFA building, there are now three state-of-the-art digital media labs designed for SJMS students.

The labs are designed with technology to enhance hands-on learning and distance learning.

The newest room is equipped with a SMART board, an interactive display with collaborative features such as a touch screen that can be written on. With six screens in the lab, the same presentation can be displayed on all screens or they can be used separately to feature different group projects.

The lab is designed with the capabilities for students to video conference guest speakers, with two built-in microphones for students to speak directly to the guest speaker.

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