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Media Studies Student Works Towards Career in Entertainment

Media Studies Student Works Towards Career in Entertainment

May 15, 2018

Alexandra Noble
School of Journalism and Media Studies Outstanding Graduate, 2018

Friends of Outstanding Journalism and Media Studies graduate Alexandra Noble describe her as hardworking, stubborn, and motivated, all qualities required of a student who set herself the goal to graduate from SDSU in three years.

During her time at SDSU, Noble discovered a work ethic and level of self-discipline that she didn’t know she possessed. She became involved with the Daily Aztec, PSFA Civil Core, and was a co-curator for this year’s TEDxSDSU.

Noble developed skills that led faculty to call her the “best writer of the current cohort.”

This year, she landed a coveted internship with San Diego CityBeat magazine, allowing her a view into the inner workings of a media organization, “something you can really only learn from firsthand experience,” she said.

Her career goals include covering and critiquing film for publications like the Los Angeles Times and the Hollywood Reporter.

“My major enabled me to supplement my passion for entertainment with a theoretical foundation,” Noble said. “Everyone loves to watch movies and listen to music, so what ultimately separates the average media consumer from the savvy is the critical eye that you develop in Journalism and Media Studies.”

First stop toward that goal will be the University of Southern California where she has been accepted into the journalism graduate program.

When asked if she has any advice to offer incoming freshman about the SDSU experience she said, “If you pursue subjects/interests that you truly enjoy (not just what everyone else is doing), both your calling and your people will fall into place.”

“PSFA students impress me every day with their talents and ambitions,” said Noble. “Besides the obvious “making the world a better place,” I hope we also use our professionals to make the world a more interesting and less divisive place.”

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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