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Lucas Williams Wins Kodak Prize

SDSU film student receives prestigious award for his cinematography work on the film “Sense of an Ending”

Lucas Williams Wins Kodak Prize

By Amanda Osborn

Lucas Williams, a student in the Television, Film, and New Media program at San Diego State University, has been awarded first place in the 2018 KODAK Student Scholarship Program.

The award, recognizing emerging global talent in filmmaking, is part of an annual competition by Kodak Company and the University Film and Video Foundation, to encourage and support future filmmakers and current students in film. The awards go to those who use motion film and study filmmaking at an accredited university. The funds are used to pay for the winners’ future projects and schooling.

Winners of the 27th annual awards were selected by a panel of judges led by Oscar-Winning Cinematographer, Robert Elswit, ASC. Elswit is best known for his work on the films Boogie Nights and Good Night, and Good Luck, and he received an Oscar in 2008 for Best Cinematography on There Will be Blood. When choosing winners, the panel looks at creativity, innovation, and research on each project.

Lucas Williams was given the award for his work on, Sense of an Ending, part of the APOGEE Project, a film project that the SDSU film department funds every year. The director, Krystal Dawkins, chose Williams as the cinematographer for the film. Sense of an Ending tells the story of an elderly man looking back on the decisions he and his wife have made over the years, and their life together.

Williams is a fourth-year film student at SDSU and has been the head of photography on a number of undergraduate and graduate projects. Since winning the grant money, he has begun learning how to shoot on film. Kodak still uses film for pictures and film rather than digital cameras. Williams is learning about the special cameras and aesthetic that come along with using film and is excited for this new lesson in cinematography. “This is all experimental and that’s what’s really fun and exciting for me,” he said.

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