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Katharina Hessen Developed her Production Skills

Named Outstanding Graduate in the School of Television, Theatre, and Film

Katharina Hessen Developed her Production Skills

by PSFA News Team

May 14, 2020

Katharina Hessen was named one of the 2020 outstanding graduates for the School of Theatre, Television, and Film.

As a transfer student, Hessen found that creating relationships with teachers and fellow students helped her feel more connected to SDSU.

In the summer semester before her senior year, Hessen went to Vietnam with an organization called Actuality Media. For four weeks, she participated in documentary filmmaking workshops which resulted in the making of a short documentary.

“It replaced a class requirement for graduation and was heaps of fun,” Hessen said. “I recommend studying abroad!”

During her senior year, she traveled to Fiji with professor Timothy Powell to assist on an MGM/Amazon Prime television show. For three weeks she assisted on large-scale and fast-paced production sites. She traveled through Fiji by helicopter, boat, whitewater rafting, and offroad trucks, all while following the story of the show as it unfolded.

“The trip was instrumental in understanding how real-life productions work, as well as introducing me to literally hundreds of contacts in the television industry. Getting any kind of real-life experience in the field of your degree should be a priority for all students,” said Hessen.

For the future graduating class, Hessen hopes that people assume the responsibility of making our world a more sustainable place. Hessen recommends to always connect with your professors and never leave your Hydroflask unattended.

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