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Journalism Senior Receives Scholarship and Fellowship

Jocelyn Moran wins scholarship from Propublica and fellowship from Politico for postgraduation training

Journalism Senior Receives Scholarship and Fellowship

April 16, 2019

By Sofia Bert

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

“I’m proud to be a latina, I’m proud to be a journalist, I’m proud to be a woman, and I’m proud to fight for others.”

Spanish and Journalism graduating senior Jocelyn Moran has left her mark on San Diego State University’s campus and with the support of a hard earned fellowship and scholarship, will continue to thrive as a young professional journalist in post grad life.

Moran recently received a ten day fellowship in Washington D.C. from the news organization Politico, and a diversity scholarship to attend the Excellence in Journalism Conference from Propublica.

According to Propublica’s website, Moran is one of 20 journalists to receive this scholarship that over 500 people applied for. The purpose of the diversity scholarship, according to the website, is to help make it easier for journalists from underrepresented communities to attend conferences and utilize all they have to offer.

“I went to the NAHJ conference last year. You make a lot of great connections,” said Moran. “I met other students across the U.S. and met professionals who were willing to help me. It was a great experience, which is why I’m extremely grateful to have received this scholarship to go this year.”

According to the Politico website, the 10-day program that is designed for college students will have hands on training for students or recent graduates interested in covering government and politics. After the fellowship, two of the students will be chosen for a 3 month residency in the Politico newsroom.

The Politico fellowship begins on May 29 and Moran said that she is excited to be in Washington D.C. in time to begin covering the 2020 elections.

Moran said that she is still applying for other fellowships for post graduate life. She said that her next interview is with the Hearst fellowship, a 2-year program that places recipients in two different newsrooms around the country.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to do print journalism or broadcast because I’m currently interning at Telemundo,” said Moran. “As long as I feel that I’m representing disadvantaged, minority communities who often feel like they don’t have a voice, then I’m going to be happy with what I do.”

Moran said that she found her love for journalism and activism from working at the Daily Aztec.

“I was covering news and I was constantly going to protests and at the same time there was so much going on within the political climate,” said Moran. “I was able to gain their trust and tell their stories.”

“I really found my identity through my experiences at SDSU. By no means was it easy, but I am definitely grateful for it,” said Moran.

The content within this article has been edited by Lizbeth Persons.

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