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Enchanted April, A New Musical Romance

School of Theatre, Television and Film collaborates with writers on fresh production of a new musical

Enchanted April, A New Musical Romance

Photo credit: Ken Jacques

By Anna Waletzko

On Thursday, Nov. 30, Enchanted April opens at the Don Powell Theatre, giving audience members the chance to experience a romantic and playful musical that showcases the talent at SDSU.

The musical stars four strong female leads, three of whom are students in the SDSU Musical Theatre MFA program. “There are very few musicals that are so female focused, where the women are the driving force in the story,” said director and choreographer Stephen Brotebeck.

Many of the cast members have already had illustrious careers in the theatre industry before coming to SDSU to further their education.

Brotebeck, has been with the show since 2012 during readings in New York City. He is in contact with the writers, as often as four times a day, making adjustments to the show.

During the final week of rehearsals leading up to opening night lyricist Charles Leipart and composer Richard B. Evans will be in residence at SDSU working with the actors.

The theatre program is working in collaboration with the School of Music and Dance and the SDSU Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Professor Michael Gerdes, who will be provide the pit orchestra for the production.

Enchanted April is a new musical based on the 1922 novel The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim. The musical is a new production, and the opening at SDSU is only the second time the piece has ever been produced. The show will be presented in its newest and most current version and marks the first time SDSU has done a full production of a new musical.

“Our actors get a chance to create brand new characters and our designers are given the chance to create a new world that hasn’t been fully realized yet,” said Brotebeck.

Enchanted April finds life and love about to bloom for four London women in 1922 as they rent the castle of their dreams for one magical month on the Mediterranean. Looking for a much-needed respite from their London cares, what they find on the Italian shore awakens them to a world of beauty, ardor, and the joys of living. Based on the beloved novel of the same name.

Enchanted April runs Thursday, Nov. 30 through Sunday, Dec. 3 in the Don Powell Theatre at San Diego State University. To purchase tickets, visit this link.

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